Jun 2013

Nextfest Opening Night – Follow Along

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Hi Nextfesters!

We kick off Nextfest 2013 tomorrow, and we need your help.

WHAT: Nextfest 2013 Opening Night Flashmob
124 Street Grand Market
WHEN: Thursday, June 6 at 6pm
Wear your Nextfest t-shirt if you’ve already picked it up, but DO NOT reveal it until the Jasper Place Drumline appears. Or come as you are.
PS: Be prepared for rain.
To kickstart Nextfest 2013 in style

On Thursday, June 6 at 6pm at the 124 Street Grand Market, we are planning a flash mob. A drumming, dancing, parading flash mob. We want – no NEED! – you to be a part of this flashmob.

Starting at 6pm, we will have a lone drummer busking at the picnic tables at the Grand Market. Come hang out at the market. Listen to the solo busker. Be cool, but be ready to follow along. We need you to follow along.

Around 6:30pm, Music is a Weapon will cue you to join in the fun. If you have a drum, bring it and play it. If you don’t have a drum, come anyway and we’ll give you a drum, or make drums out of whatever we can find around the market. Music is a Weapon will lead us in a contagious, loud, groovaliscious drumming circle. We need the Nextfest army (that’s you!) to be a part of that circle. Follow Music is a Weapon’s lead. They’ll tell you what to do. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you borrow a drum from Music is a Weapon, PLEASE make sure the drum is safely returned to them.

At 7:30pm, the Jasper Place Drumline will appear at the corner of 108 Avenue and 123 Street. They will be wearing Nextfest t-shirts. They will drum through the market. They will lead the Nextfest army, market patrons, and anyone who’s into having fun from the market to The Roxy Theatre. Follow the Jasper Place Drumline! Reveal your Nextfest t-shirt! It’s a parade! A Nextfest parade!

Our dance curators, Good Women Dance, have choreographed easy and fun dance moves to perform. They will lead you in the dance when the drumline starts. Learn these sweet moves:

At 8pm, Amber Suchy will play a FREE concert at The Roxy Theatre.  Come and dance to the sweet sounds of Amber Suchy and help us kick off Nextfest 2013.

At 9pm, the What It Is Podcast will record its first live podcast of the festival in The Roxy Theatre. We will announce the Nextfest Enbridge Emerging Artist Award winners. We will also host the Nextfest Round Up, featuring one representative from each show or installation.

Got it? Cool. Want to know what it’s like to be a part of a movement? Here, watch this, then courageously follow the movement:

See you on Thursday, June 6 at 6pm at the 124 St Grand Market.


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