Jun 2019

Celebrate Edmonton Pride With Nextfest

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We have 4 events this weekend that are directed, starring and created by queer emerging artists. Come pride with us!

1. Niuboi x Earth

Saturday, June 8th @ 1pm and
Sunday June 9th @ 4:30pm (ASL intepreted).
at The Roxy on Gateway

Part pop concert, part late-night talk show.

NIUBOI communicates their messages to the earthlings through song, dance, and video. Witness the future. NIUBOI came from space to save the world from a life of blasé mundanity. They are a trans non-binary alien and use they/them pronouns.

2. Ivy’s Magic School Bus (Drag Showcase)

Saturday, June 8th @ 7pm (ASL intepreted).
at The Roxy on Gateway

Starring: Divina Diefor, Ruby Hymen, Artasia, Agata Gogh, God, Bravo Charlie, Sir Racha, Chelazon Leroux, Margaret Snatcher, and Ivy League.

It’s the first day of school and class is about to get much, MUCH more interesting.

Tickets $12

Ages 14+ welcome!

3. Boy Trouble

Saturday, June 8th @ 3pm
Sunday, June 9th @ 6:30pm

Featuring Max Hanic
Directed by Julie Ferguson
Designed by Elise Jason
Written by Mac Brock
Graphic Design by Gordie Lucius

Quiet things happen at Mayview Park in the middle of the night; it’s where young Kay has most of his firsts. But tonight, he’s waiting. When lines blur between the anonymous and the intimate, Kay may be in more trouble than he thought. Boy Trouble explores queer coming-of-age through the lens of anonymous sex and the digital era.


4. Club Kid, Redux-Pride Nite Club

Saturday, June 8th @ 9:30pm

Hosted and curated by NIUBOI and Electric Slut
The Club Kids were a group of dance club personalities in NYC in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The group was notable for flamboyant behaviour and outrageous costumes. They were a terminally superficial partying cult of crazy fashion and petulance. Club Kids, Redux will be a celebration of the Club Kids through a late nite fashion dance party.

Come dressed to impress in your best outrageous Club Kid attire

Please note that this event is 14+
$12 at the door (not available to purchase in advance, sorry!), entrance free with artist pass
Doors at 9:30, performances begin at 10:00


Featured photo by Mat Simpson Photography


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