Mar 2024

Nextfest 2024: Rock N Roll Hall of Slay – Pride Nite Call for Submissions

Rock n roll hall of slay – Pride Nite Call for Submissions

Join us for an unforgettable ride down the High-they to Hell at the Rock and Roll Hall of Slay! ZZ Tops, Bottoms, and Sides are invited to go hard in the pit and rub carabiners with some of history’s most influential queer music icons!

This year’s nite club is a celebration of pushing the envelope, turning it up to 11 and all of the queer and trans trailblazers that paved the way in music and history. Drag entertainers embodying queer music artists will be located throughout the venue for attendees to collect signatures and snap selfies with their favourite stars.

Installations throughout the Roxy will allow attendees to immerse themselves in the look, sound and feel of the 70s, 80s and 90s, with local artists curating and vending in each zone!

Come to the Hall of Slay June 1st 2024, from 8pm-2am at the Roxy Theatre

Submit Your IDeas

We are calling out to local 2SLGBTQIA+ vendors, musicians, visual artists and creators of any kind who would like to display their work, perform a piece, or present in our mainstage show, the Hall of Slay Awards!

While the vibe of the event is queer (safe) sex, (tested) drugs and rock n roll, art of any theme, variety or format is welcomed and encouraged!

Send your ideas for the nite club here: NextFest Pride NiteClub 2024 Call for Submissions – Rock N Roll Hall of Slay (google.com)

Send feedback to bookings@partyqueens.ca

Rock N Roll Hall of Slay aims to adhere to the 35//50 Initiative, and prioritizes the work of disabled artists, body diverse artists, trans artists, and other artists whose work isn’t normally prioritized.


Priority will be given to artists who apply before March 25th, but all submissions will be considered.


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