Jun 2012

Welcome to Nextfest

Nextfest is a thousand times greater than the sum of its thousand parts.

It is a co-mingling of artists and audiences. It is the best entertainment deal in town. It is an eleven-day village party. It is the creative and it is the development of the creative. It is a platform for a generation’s energy, confidence, curiousity, and passion. It is a triumph of participation over competition: a network of partnerships threaded into a web-shaped vision of a community of communities. It’s a baby spider, a pretty girl, a yellow umbrella, the aroma of lilacs, dirt, heavy rain. It is Edmonton at its greenest. It’s a garden, it’s a garden, it’s a garden of opportunity, an eschewing of quantity, an embracing of quality, a faith that some of the seeds that we plant will bear fruit that will be harvested by others, and there is an acceptance that this is a positive thing, a right thing, a beautiful thing, a Canadian thing, a mutually supportive, cooperative, inclusive, long-term goals taking precedence over short-term gains thing. Nextfest is a seventeen year long rambling run-on sentence.Welcome.

Moreover. Nextfest is a curated multi-disciplinary arts festival dedicated to providing professional opportunities to young emerging professionals. The vast majority of work that Nextfest presents comes from a process in which artists submit proposals to a team of Nextfest curators. However, often something amazing appears when we keep our eyes open for the work that, for whatever reason, evades our submission process. That is how we came across this year’s Festival Image. We love it. And we just wanted to say that this image which you will be seeing a lot of in the next couple weeks is by a young, local, visual artist named VICTORIA GUZMAN. Thank You, Vic!


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