Visual Art

During Nextfest, the Roxy Theatre will be filled with visual art from a group of emerging creators. We invite you to walk around and catch their works at the Miller Gallery, throughout the Roxy space and all across 124st.



Miller Gallery – The Roxy Theatre, 10708 124 St


Anytime the Roxy Theatre box office is open, you’re welcome to stroll by and check out the art. Find Box Office Hours Here.


Metal Vines Unleashed: In Progress.

Installation/Metal Work, 2024

by Joanne Guthrie

*work in progress*

I envision transforming the exhibition space into a captivating and dynamic environment by installing intricate metal vines on a designated wall within the space. This site-specific project aims to immerse viewers in a world where nature and art seamlessly intertwine, creating a multisensory experience that breaks free from traditional artistic boundaries. Named ‘Metal Vines Unleashed,’ this installation comprises carefully crafted metal vines that climb and weave organically up the walls, creating a visually captivating display. Delicate leaves and vibrant flowers, also sculpted from metal, decorate the vines, infusing vitality into the metallic structure. The objective is to envelop the entire space in lush, metallic foliage, blurring the lines between the natural and the industrial.


Installation/ Embroidery, 2024

by Emily Thorne

*work in progress*

The threads of our experiences, beliefs, fears and dreams weave together, forming a tapestry that makes up who we are. My embroidered work strings together my own experiences with neurodivergency, queerness, and living in a fat body. I believe that working with textiles allows the viewer to be drawn in, inviting them to reach out and touch it. This sentiment permeates my work; it is filled with aching, love, longing but most importantly enduring hope. I recognize the need for art that includes the forgotten and overlooked in our society. My work seeks to interlace them within the fabric of our vibrant communities, by inviting them too, to reach out.


24 x 36 in. Acrylic on Canvas, 2024

by Katie Foss

Artist Statement: When people are outside in the world, there are things people like to look at, like a sunset or a landscape. Katie thinks about what makes people happy to look at. Katie likes making nature scenes, without people in them. When she was doing her big painting, Katie was thinking of Jasper, and how the mountains are beautiful, but also trying to make it her own image. She wants to show the mountains how she imagines it, and think outside the box, and trying to push herself to make something new. She likes painting because it makes her feel relaxed, and it’s a fun thing to do. Katie wants people to feel happy, and relaxed when they look at her work. When the sun goes down, and there are beautiful colours in the sky, it is soothing.


60 x 16 x 12 in. Fabric, Yarn, Plaster and Found Objects, 2024

by Jared Quinney

My work is all about nature. I use fabrics, paintings, prints, statues, mixed media even to make my art. I use all these different mediums because I like always seeing something new with a project and to explore my fascination with natural history. By combining my scientific understanding of dinosaurs with an imaginative use of colour, I create prehistoric creatures that exude personality. My work is exploring nature and animals. The way that nature is, the animals are some of the most interesting creatures. Every animal has its hunting system, and every prey animal has a system where they are able to avoid a predator. I want people to see the real world through my art.

Sonia Rene Taylor

48 x72 in. Acrylic on Canvas, 2022

by Aba Garbrah

I like making things that inspire me, like making pictures of my family and friends. I make pictures of those people because I love them, they love me and they protect me from harm.
I enjoy being an artist because I like being myself and being independent. I come here by myself, and I get to do things for myself, with a little bit of help. I’m writing a book about my life, and I’m proud of that. I’m proud that I’ve won two awards. The first one was the Rotary Connect award, and the second one was the Artist Choice award that I won for accomplishing all my goals. I feel happy and excited to make art.

Play Redux: In Progress

36 x 48 in. Collage, 2024

by Zoe Verhees.

*Work in Progress*

Collage has given me something that felt lacking in my daily routines the past few years- Play. It allows me to find the unexpected and surreal in recycled materials and give it new life with humour, reflection and curiosity. Following physical injury after injury as a dancer over the years, I have been forced to re-evaluate how I approach art and creativity. I found myself seeking out playful moments with scissors, paper, and glue, re-creating and adapting. Similar to when I was a child, I could create a world that was both precious and fleeting, allowing me freedom to find flow and energy in my artwork.

Northern Lights Heal

10×10 in. Acrylic. 2023

by Anne Marie Szucs

Anne Marie Szucs is an emerging abstract artist working in acrylic and oil. Her inspirations are nature, colour, and the flow of energy around us all. She starts her work with the feel of “alla prima” but then adds layers of textures and colours in later stages to celebrate the image she sees – either based on plein air, photos, preliminary sketches, or purely from her imagination. Her colour palette is vibrant and expressionistic, and her works express her joy in the freedom of creativity.

James Witness See now you are not so lonely

36 x 20 in. Acrylic on Canvas, 2023

by Al

My name is Al McKee, I am a young emerging artist working in Edmonton, Alberta. I am self taught in painting and digital art as well as writing, and my passion is to use my talents and voice to empower and amplify messages of social inclusion, community and connectedness, as well as to collaborate with my friends to create works of public art that reflect the diversity of the place that I live and the communities I visit and engage with.



Vine Arts, 10961 124 st


Anytime the boutique liquor store is open, you’re welcome to stop by  grab a bottle of wine and check out the art. Find out more here. 


All Souls be Brave, We’ll Find a Way

36 x36 in. Mixed Media on Canvas, 2023

by Jai Tanninen

My work explores the complexities of human identity. I use figurative elements alongside abstraction, romanticism, and pop elements to create pictures with various forms of media based in painting to express my feelings on being an artist and about my place in the world. I am concerned with the dualities with how art connects us all and at the same time expresses individuality.



Mister Frame, 12220 107 Ave


Anytime the family run custom picture framing business is open, you’re welcome to stop by  and check out the art. Find out more here.


Tucan: In Progress

17 x 17 in. Gouache and Colored Pencil, 2024 

by Agatha Lidia Chacinski

*Work in Progress*

I have always had a fascination with nature and how it holds the power to heal us on a multitude of levels. Being witness to the beauty of a sunrise and how it holds the power to heal us on an  emotional, mental, and spiritual level. My childhood was filled with knowledge from my grandmother  and mother, the old age wisdom of natural remedies that mother nature provides us. It was a simple  transition for me to take that fascination and knowledge and nurture it within my art. I create each piece to capture a snippet of the wonder and awe that mother nature holds. My intention for the viewer is to feel as though they are for a moment intertwined with nature. For a moment while you stare into my work, I hope the hum of the world is forgotten and a sense of  peace steps into its place.



Good Stuff, 12234 107 Ave


Anytime the cool consignment shop is open, you’re welcome to stop by  and check out the art. Find out more here.



14 x 14i in.; 6 x 6 in.; 5.5 x 5.5 in. Discarded Textiles, Thread,Bamboo Hoop, Embroidery (x3), 2020

by Kailene Dillon


Kailene (Kay-leen) Dillon is an artist, writer and community advocate. She creates vibrant, textured and somewhat chaotic abstracts and text-based visuals that invoke curiosity, urgency and  courage in folks desiring to live their most aligned, expressive lives. Kailene’s artistic works centre  around her drive to be intentionally emotionally expressive inside a societal structure that condemns  female grief, anger, and selfishness. In her text-based works, Kailene often explores themes of marginalization including disability, poverty, substance use and environmentalism, all of which have affected Kailene’s personal life.



Parcel & Prose, 10524 124 St 


Anytime the full service greeting card, stationery and gift store is open, you’re welcome to stop by and check out the art. Find out more here.



Disco Party

24 x 30 in. Acrylic Painting, 2021

by Hannah Norbert


In my work, I focus on the theme of memory, childhood, escapism and beautifying the mundane. Through expressionism, and at times a more child-like drawing style, the work becomes  distorted with a darker tone added to them. This somber mood reflects my feelings as an adult looking  back and reflecting on the innocence, but also complexity of childhood. In doing so, I hope my work resonates with feelings of nostalgia and anxiety. There is a focus on self-care, tenderness, and rest as I  use these spaces to recover and recharge myself for my own mental well-being. Ultimately, I hope the work fosters in the viewer a space of contemplation for them to dwell on their own childhood, along  with considering this notion of rest, for the mind to recover mentally and physically from pressures of  the outside world.