Visual Art

During Nextfest, the Roxy Theatre will be filled with visual art from a group of emerging creators. 

Anytime the Roxy Theatre box office is open, you’re welcome to stroll by and check out the art. Find Box Office Hours Here. We invite you to walk around and catch their works throughout the Roxy.

Where? Miller Gallery, The Roxy Theatre

fish fear me (polemonium sp.)

Oil on Birch Board. 40 x 60 in. 2022.
by Elise Futoransky, Artist. She/Her

Artist Statement: From my own experience with my Ukrainian heritage, I have a level of disconnect both with the community and with its history, so much of my recent work is to initiate a return to that heritage as well as to illustrate that distance. I use the imagery of pysanky and traditional Ukrainian visual culture to represent elements of heritage and family, as well as my attempts to unpack what that heritage means for me as an artist and individual. I use self-portraiture as a means of personal reflection and expression. These elements all come together as an exploration of identity, material culture, and heritage.


October 8, 2022. 

Oil on Wood Panel. 12 x 6 In. 2022.
by Isabel De Blois

Artist Statement: My artwork is focused on expressing latent emotional states in an abstract manner by emphasizing colour, value, shape, and texture. As I struggle to decipher my feelings, abstract painting is the mode in which I attempt to visualize and comprehend emotions that are uncomfortable, ambiguous, and oftentimes slow to rise to the surface of my conscience. Within each piece is a unique ‘mindscape,’ personal to [me], but also open to the interpretation of others. I create art that invites people to sit with the unknowable, and perhaps, find a beautiful comfort in it.



Acrylic on Canvas. 16 x 24 in. 2022
by Juwayriya Abdullahi

Artist Statement: As a Black Muslim woman who incorporates surrealism into my work, I aim to

explore the intersection of my identity as a member of multiple marginalized communities with the fantastical and otherworldly. I use my art as a way to challenge dominant narratives and offer a counter-narrative that reflects the lived experiences of people like me, while also creating a space for imagination and escapism.


PSA (In-Progress)

Textile. 20 x 41.5 In.
by Mairead Charles

Artist Statement: In this project, I use play and the gamification of COVID infection as a way of reflecting on where we are in the pandemic outside of statistics and testimonies. Isn’t it more fun to see your toy microbe fall through the mask than to listen to the facts of the ongoing pandemic? If the information is fun, would you be more willing to mask and protect your fellow community members?


Picnic in June 

Oil on Canvas. 18 x 24 in. 2022
by Olivia Cai   


Artist Statement: Most of my subjects are my loved ones, my cherished memories, and the miscellaneous, insignificant treasures around the house: such as a collection of waving cats, lilies from a friend, and red string used for making zongzi. The beauty of these scenes is expressed in the candid interplay of light and shadow. Growing up, I studied Impressionist oil painting and Chinese ink painting, and I adore both styles; I love the nuance of colour and emotion in Impressionism, and the dynamic line weight in Chinese ink paintings. Bringing these two genres together leads to strong blocks of texture and bright colours.


The Brave Guy

Oil on Paper. 8 x 10 in. 2023
by Tere Cuellar

Artist Statement: In my way to understand the colour theories, I found myself using just the Zorn’s palette on my subjects. The limited palette (just red, ochre, black, and white) gives me countless variations of hues. But also, I comprehended how important the relationship between hues, placing a colour beside others. The light is very present in my artworks, as well as the hands. Both have a resonance beyond their surfaces. All my subjects are telling me a story and I love to capture those emotions and find my own path to express them.


The People on the bus. 

Print. 10 x 13.5 in.
by Darian Selander

Artist Statement: I like to paint about the weird things I think about, most of the time I don’t know what the painting is going to look like when I start, and sometimes I don’t know until the very end. I really enjoy the process of free-flowing creativity and tend to just let my thoughts wander and see what comes out.



Acrylic on Canvas. 18 x 24 In. 2023
by Al McKee

Artist Statement: This past year has brought me closer to my community and my passion for harm reduction in the city with volunteer ship and care. I have found a strong network of artists with which I share a passion for individuality, and it has grown my confidence to express my unique takes on community, consumerist culture, and mental illness- particularly my struggle with bipolar disorder, through my art.


Baorangia Bicolor

Gouache and Colored Pencil. six pieces in 18 by 18 In. (framed). 2023
by Agatha Lidia Chacinski

Artist Statement: I have always had a fascination with nature and how it holds the power to heal us on a multitude of levels. The vastness of food that it provides, giving us sustenance to live. Being witness to the beauty of a sunrise and how it holds the power to heal us on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level. My childhood was filled with knowledge from my grandmother and mother, the old age wisdom of natural remedies that mother nature provides us. It was a simple transition for me to take that fascination and knowledge and nurture it within my art.