May 2021

2021 Virtual Mentorship Program – Apply Today

Two artists float against a green and navy blue skyscrapers. One artist is playing a violin and the other is dancing. They are surrounded by abstract shapes.

One-on-one mentorships are back!

After the success of our inaugural 2020 virtual One-on-One Mentorship Program, we have decided to bring it back for another round of sessions.

This program aims to connect emerging artists with established professional artists through the modern digital space.


This is a free opportunity that will involve one-on-one chats with arts industry professionals. This is a space where you can ask questions and gain the knowledge you need to take your art or career in the arts to the next level.

Ever wanted to pick someone’s brain about their pursuit of an artistic discipline? Longing for some guidance in a specific arts-based area? Have a dream mentor you have always wanted to talk to?

Now is your chance to sign up, and be paired with a mentor for an hour-long one-on-one session where you can ask them everything you ever wanted to know, and chat about your hopes and dreams as an artist!

There is no experience required, only a desire to learn and connect. Anything from grant-writing to self-tapes to movement – we want to match you with someone who has the answers to your questions or the inspiration to help you expand upon your work.


You can sign up right now (link below), but the majority of mentorship sessions will take place during Nextfest which is from June 3 to June 13, 2021.

Depending on availability, in some cases, the mentorship sessions may happen slightly outside of these dates.

Apply today

Nextfest’s 2021 Virtual One-on-One Mentorship Program is selected by availability. If you are interested in this type of networking and mentorship, apply using this google form.

Sign up early as spots are limited, and not guaranteed!

The deadline to apply is June 3rd, 2021.

How will applicants be selected?

We have a limited budget to pay the established professional artists to provide mentorship and are unsure of how many applicants we will receive. So the application process will only be instituted if we have more artists apply than we are able to pay mentors.

If we do need to follow through on evaluation, we will select artists based on their demonstrated need for support as well as supporting artists from an array of disciplines and communities.

Have questions? Reach out to hello@nextfest.ca!


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