Progress Showings & Workshop Readings

Progress showings and workshop readings at Nextfest 2023

Creation and Innovation at Nextfest 202

Check out progress showings and readings lineup below.

Want more Theatre? Here’s our Theatre Mainstage lineup.


Shaktiflow presents


created and performed by Shrina Patel

When? Friday, June 2 at 4:00 pm (talkback to follow performance)

Where? Lorne Cardinal Theatre in the Roxy Theatre 

In India, she is both worshipped and feared. Plucked from the pages of classical Indian mythology, Draupadi is a story about a woman who is forced into a game that elicits the war, the Great Battle, known as the Mahabharata. Shrina Patel, actor, and emerging playwright, blurs history and pulls Draupadi from myth into the present day. Weaving dance and theatre, Shrina re-tells the fateful night from Draupadi’s perspective. Draupadi is a familiar character, someone you may know well or resonate with. Perhaps we have a little Draupadi in all of us.


Walters and Watt present 

What Was Is All

book, music, and lyrics by Walters and Watt 

When? Sunday, June 11 at 2:00 pm (talkback to follow performance)

Where? Nancy Power Theatre in the Roxy Theatre

Formerly titled ‘Host Town’ at Nextfest 2022, WHAT WAS IS ALL is a folk-rock musical written by Jacquelin Walters and Michael Watt. The story centres around the remnants – both material and immaterial – and residents – both living and dead – of a small town. The cast of characters includes a would-be, disenfranchised spiritual (cult) leader; his long-suffering, faithless spouse; a disenchanted, hopeless romantic; an aimless, disillusioned heir; and a mischievous, indifferent stranger. The struggle is one of purposefulness, willfulness, and helplessness. Each character explores their needs, strengths, and weaknesses. It is a tragedy from the outset but also a cautionary tale




Workshop readings are free events. Please show up 15 minutes in advance to go to the performance.

Poems I Can’t Read to You Yet

by Corine Demas
performed by Corine Demas and Steven Darnels

When? Saturday, June 3 at 11:00 am (talkback to follow performance)

Where? Rehearsal Hall in the Roxy Theatre 

Love. Love. Love me damn it. I want you to want me. Why don’t you need me like I need you?”  In this 45-minute show, Corine Demas will regale you with stories, poetry, and songs about unrequited love and what it means to get clear of it. 


Staged Theatre Productions presents

Carter and the Train 

by Grace Fitzgerald 
featuring Ben Ali, Maya Wright, Natasha Morra, and Teio Suyal

When? Sunday, June 4  at 11:00 am (talkback to follow performance)

Where? Rehearsal Hall in the Roxy Theatre  

Carter is trapped in the tiny mountain town of Frightened Man’s Peak, forced to watch the train surrounding its jagged cliffs pass every day with no sign of stopping. But one day, he meets someone. Someone who might just teach him what it really means to be desperate, to escape, and to try to jump a damn train. 


PageBound Productions presents


by Bailey Bieganek

When? Saturday, June 10 at 12:00 pm (noon) (talkback to follow performance)

Where? Rehearsal Hall in the Roxy Theatre 

Cas and Eva are looking for a theatre to be their wedding venue. Well, Eva is looking – Cas is less than thrilled by the idea. Cas just wants Eva to be happy, and they’re willing to make a few more sacrifices than they should to get there. Happiness seems far away when the two accidentally get locked in during their tour of The Arthur Miller Theatre. What neither expects is to find the theatre already occupied…by a vengeful ghost on the hunt for love! A ghost who is willing to do anything to get it.