Theatre Performances

SheFromTheSea Productions presents

ARTISTS & LOVE (The Instagram Miniseries)

A dark kitchen.

by Emily Anne Concoran

A three-part miniseries to be viewed on Instagram “stories.” Each episode offers a glimpse into a moment in the life of an artist, exploring the complicated relationships they have with those with whom their paths have crossed.

HOW TO WATCH: Artists & Love can be viewed on the Instagram page @shefromtheseaproductions on the “story” feature each day of the festival. It can be found by clicking on the profile picture on the Instagram page or by accessing the archives of each episode (which will be featured on the profile of @shefromtheseaproductions).

Still unsure? Go to the Instagram page for @shefromtheseaproductions and click on the post that says “How To Watch.”

featuring Emily Anne Corcoran, Braden Butler, Kael Wynn, and Jackson Card

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The Light

A person dances with their shadow prominently behind them on the wall.

Thursday, June 3
created and performed by Laura Donaldson

A film featuring tap dance by Laura Donaldson. The Light considers the changed perspectives, priorities, feelings, and evolving relationships that one is faced with when life has been flipped upside down. The Light is here to remind you of the good that is coming and the good that perhaps has been here the entire time.


The Space Between

A hand drawn person against a sun. Green leaves flowing around them.
Thursday, June 3
created and performed by Lebogang Disele

The Space Between is a solo performance that fuses movement and poetry to reflect on the performer’s experiences of being Black, African, and a woman. It is a meditation on the loss of loved ones as a loss of personal history and culture, how to live up to our responsibilities, and on self-acceptance in the face of perceived failure. The Space in Between is a physical exploration of the limits and possibilities of growing up and living in-between spaces.


Hypothetical Bad Idea presents


A shape that represents a dark angel stands to the right of the image looking down. Over their body, it appears that they are glitching.

Saturday, June 5
by Liam Salmon

A Father has been taken in by a faceless organization, recalling his time at the church and trying to make up for ‘time lost’ during one fateful night. Something has happened to the church. Something’s terribly wrong with the pastor. Maybe something’s always been wrong with the small town of [REDACTED].

This is a workshop production/experiment of a sci-fi/horror play. In this digital format, we are experimenting with recorded video and a long-distance rehearsal process.




Two Claymation looking characters stand in a garden looking surprised.

Tuesday, June 8
created by Herbert Poll Gutierrez

Coco Grafitti. Grafitti because he writes and does a little bit of everything. Coco because he makes you use your coconut, your brains. Coco Graffiti is an artist who recently arrived in Canada. Today is a special day, Coco Grafitti and his friends, half-crazy puppets because they have covid 21 6G, will show why theater is and will be an instrument of social change.
featuring Dario Diblasi, Karina Cruz, and Herbert Poll Gutierrez


2nd Summit presents


A black woman with natural hair swims through water.
Thursday, June 10
created by Rochelle Laplante

An audio-visual exploration of the connections between my natural hair and different plant life. A celebration through movement of growth, beauty, colour, and diversity.

featuring Rochelle Laplante and Jasper Poole


OVERWHELMED: Decolonizing Mental Illness

A person faces to the side with traditional indigenous style.
Thursday, June 10
performed and created by Sissy Thiessen Kootenayoo

Join dancer, spoken word & multi-medium artist Sissy Thiessen Kootenayoo as she walks through what it’s like living with mental illness and trying to find meaning to the terms “healthy coping mechanisms” as an Indigenous person through characterization/lip-syncing, body movement, Powwow dance, spoken word & storytelling.

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Thumbs Up Good Work Theatre presents

There is Violence, There is Righteous Violence, and There is Death or; The Born Again Crow PROLOGUE

Baby crows in a nest eat a person's head under the title of the work.

Friday, June 11
by Caleigh Crow

A bird flies into Beth’s window one afternoon. That’s a bad omen, right? Beth can’t remember either, so she plans a funeral and takes it to Google – just in case.

featuring Caleigh Crow and Sacha Crow

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A person holds an ice cube in their hands and looks at it. The person is shirtless against a wooden backdrop.
Saturday, June 12
created and performed by Connor Yuzwenko-Martin

A continuation of Connor’s Invisible Practice 2020, this improvised version digs deeper into the inherent magic of American Sign Language itself. Using various mediums on his hands, Connor attempts to map the paths of grief and reckoning across his own body. Are these contours signposts of our individual invisible practices?


Prairie Dykes

A close up of lips with lipstick on them. The lipstick is on the persons teeth and they open their mouth wide in a crooked motion.
Saturday, June 12
created and performed by Spinelli Terleski

Prairie Dykes is an ongoing collection of poems and pieces created during the pandemic as a way of coping with isolation. This is an autobiographical account, born out of necessity. Containing stories of the lives of prairie dykes, tales of borderline and bipolar, love and loss, nightlife, queer joy, drugs, Edmonton culture, and heartbreak.

featuring Rhiannon K. Levesque and Spinelli Terleski


The Hidden Neighbourhood present

BUTTERFLIES: A Broadcast from the Digital Neon Jungle

Pink flowers are imposed over a teal background. The title is displayed in white font.

Saturday, June 12
created and performed by Caitlin Kelly

“So many digital butterflies visit us every day. It is up to us to listen”… Welcome to the Digital Neon Jungle. Tune into this one-person digital theatre broadcast and follow Fern, an intergalactic explorer and the caretaker of the Digital Neon Jungle. Learn about the wonders of the digital butterfly as Fern recounts the story of two young queer people who are influenced by the butterfly’s powers in ways they never expected.

featuring Caitlin Kelly and Matthew Cardinal

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