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Ghostlight Theatre Projects presents

Run and Hide

A knife is dripping with blood next to the words "run and hide"

Sunday, June 13
by Leila Raye-Crofton

Beth meets Allie one night while writing her thesis on a new true crime podcast, Run and Hide. After listening to a new episode on local killer John Browne, they find he recently escaped from a nearby prison. Will Beth’s love of the genre prepare her for what might await them outside? Run and Hide is an exploration of the true crime fascination sweeping the world.

This is a play about a podcast, so we’re very excited to be presenting it in radio play format during Nextfest!

featuring Priya Narine, Meegan Sweet, Jackson Card, and Daniela Fernandez

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Dawn Productions presents

Would You Wander

created by Sam Jeffery
storytellers: Sarah Emslie, Sophie Gareau-Brennan, Sofia Lukie, Gabriel Richardson, Emma Ryan, and Dean Stockdale

A sunset over the Edmonton river valley.

Would you wander with us? Part storytelling, part nature exploration, Would You Wander is a decide your own adventure podcast that integrates knowledge-sharing, story-telling, and natural discovery.

So take a wander with us – and discover the ground living beneath your feet, the story around the corner, the fruit tree you never noticed before, and the heartbeat nature shares with all of us. Whether you’re looking for discovery or a story, you’ve come to the right place: exactly where you are.


  1. Go to or search for “Would You Wander” wherever you find your podcasts.
  2. Choose a Wander – no need to go in order, just pick whatever calls to you! You can do one or line up a bunch for a longer journey.
  3. We recommend downloading your chosen Wander(s) before you start for an interruption-free time.
  4. That’s it! Grab your headphones and take a wander with us.

Prefer transcription? Want to learn more about something you listened to? Hop on over to Would You Wander’s website for transcripts, resources, and more.

Please read: While we encourage those to wander near and far, please ensure that you keep an eye on your surroundings when venturing through nature. By taking on this journey you agree that your wandering experience is at your own risk, and it is your responsibility to maintain such health, liability, hazard, personal injury, medical, life, and other insurance policies as you deem reasonably necessary for any injuries that you may incur while in the listening experience.

Remember safety first: Mask up, listen to your gut, and watch your step. This art is best enjoyed responsibly.

Content Warnings: individual content warnings marked in episodes.