Support Nextfest & Theatre Network

In the midst of the pandemic, Nextfest 2021 offers early-career artists a paycheque, the opportunity for connection amongst their peers, a place to present their work, and a host of socially distant training and mentorship opportunities. 

Taking Nextfest online again in 2021 meant creating another free festival experience for all. There is no ticket revenue for this year’s festival, and so we are asking you to support Nextfest & Theatre Network in other ways. 

Here’s how you can help:


Hurray! We are continuing the long-standing Nextfest tradition of pairing artists with generous donors. You choose the artist you adopt or let us choose. Your donation ensures the next generation of emerging artists can find their foothold in the Edmonton arts community. 

Adoption: $100/artist


  • Your name displayed alongside your artist(s)’ name(s) on our digital Adopt-an-Artist wall;
  • An exclusive Nextfest t-shirt; and
  • A tax receipt for the full donation amount.

You can Adopt an Artist here: Theatre Network Adopt An Artist Program

OR mail a cheque to “Theatre Network” at 8529 Gateway Blvd, Edmonton, AB T6E 6P3, or call (780) 453-2440 to Adopt an Artist.

Here are the current Adopt an Artist donors.


This year, our festival is free to enjoy. In lieu of ticket and pass sales, we are encouraging Nextfest supporters to donate based on a level that best reflects their usual Nextfest experience.

Suggested Donation Amounts:

  1. Ticket Donation: $12
  2. Day Pass Donation: $20
  3. Festival Pass Donation: $40


  • Listing during the evening performances for all donations; and
  • Donations $20 and above will receive a tax receipt.

You can donate here: Theatre Network Donate a Ticket/Pass

OR mail a cheque to “Theatre Network” at 8529 Gateway Blvd, Edmonton, AB T6E 6P3, or call (780) 453-2440 to donate.

Here are the current Festival Donors.

The Nextfest Arts Company & Theatre Network are committed to developing the next generation of artists and your donation is an endorsement of this commitment. 

Thank you for supporting us. Your donation will become part of the growth of hundreds of artists for years to come. We cannot thank you enough.