May 2018

Nextfest 2018: Call for Submissions for h e l l s m u t Nite Club

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t h e v o i d presents: h e l l s m u t
June 8, 2018
The Roxy on Gateway

t h e v o i d presents: h e l l s m u t

Have you ever found yourself staring into t h e v o i d for so long that the darkness felt like a familiar friend? Ever dip your toe into the waters of your own mortality, thought that it was unsettlingly cold… and LOVED IT? Ever hook up at a funeral? … want to?

t h e v o i d is looking for sex-positive/curious multidisciplinary artists to embrace their darkness to help us cross over into the land of sexual acceptance and discovery. We’re looking for 10 minute(ish) short performances, immersive roving experiences, social experiments and whatever else your ​mischievous heart desires to showcase​.

Modelled after the ​Cabaret du Néant in 1890’s Paris, ​h e l l s m u t promises to be a night of darkness, dapper debauchery, and consensual devilish delights.

Performers must be 18 years of age by June 8 in order to participate in this 18+ event. Nudity, sexual content, dark magic, and taboo subject matter encouraged.

All are welcome in t h e v o i d

Please include in your submission:
●  Who are you? (name, pronouns, contact info, social media handles)
●  What do you want to do at h e l l s m u t (briefly explain your piece and it’s length)
●  How many performers will be involved?
●  Will you need anything special for your performance? (Live music, projections, a microphone, sound played through the sound system, etc)

Submissions must be sent to t h e v o i d at ​hi.yes.hello.etc@gmail.com


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