Spoken Word & Poetry

Love in the Digital Age presents


The word PLINKO is in the center of a black screen,

Sunday, June 6
created and performed by Jonah Angeles

Plinko is an experimental spoken word poem that aims to challenge our linguistic notions of infinity, artificial intelligence, Dubstep songs, turtles, and vacuum cleaners, among other things.
It is a playfully meandering and discursive poetic exploration of where humanity is headed, the purpose of our existence, and the ultimate meaning of life.

featuring Jeffrey Paul Kelly, August Auseil, and Jonah Angeles


A Poet’s Work

Three poets pose in side-by-side slides.

Sunday, June 6
curated by Nisha Patel

In this three-performer show, the poets will bring forward their all-encompassing works to share what has moved them to words, inspired their emotions, and allowed them to reclaim the space they are owed for their stories and truths. Join emerging poet Danita Kirumira, multi-talented artist Lady Vanessa, and Poet Laureate Nisha Patel as they explore and journey live with the audience.

featuring Nisha Patel, Lady Vanessa Cardona, and Danita Kirumira


Remix the Ritual presents

La Sangre Llama

A sunset over a small town.

Thursday, June 10
curated by Lady Vanessa Cardona

“La Sangre Llama” is a collection of poems and stories about my relationship to my blood. La sangre llama can be directly translated as ‘the blood calls’; however, I do not believe that this gives the title full credit for all that it encompasses. A saying, a way of life, and a calling. La sangre Llama in a remembering journey into the self. Re-calling DNA, unashamedly, proudly confronting and embracing all my ancestors and lineage, and the reasons my blood has brought me here today. The memory in our veins is powerful and some memories are meant to be kept private, some memories are meant to be told. A hope, a prophecy, an old wives’ tale, an oral story asking to be remembered. Here we dive into the trans-parent world of becoming.