iHuman Showcase

iHuman Studios is amped to present the first season of TNT with six episodes spotlighting the iHuman music artists: Valkyrie, Vntge, Mad John, FAVES, Jayden Paz, and Trebla.

iHuman Studios is a collective of young multidisciplinary artists between the ages of 12 and 24 years who constitute the members of iHuman Youth Society. iHuman’s mission is to invite young people to transform their experiences of personal and systemic trauma through acts of expression & creativity into experiences of Purpose, Self-worth, Identity, and Belonging.


iHuman Studios: The TNT Sessions – FAVES

FAVES performing at an iHuman event.
Thursday, June 3
performed by FAVES

Albert Favel, also known by Faves (an acronym for “Favorite Adolescent Voice’s Everyone’s Silenced”), is a Poetry/Hip-Hop Artist originally from Regina, Saskatchewan. Faves moved to Edmonton, Alberta, at the age of 15 to create a better life for himself, where he was introduced to Poetry and Hip-Hop. Since then, vocal expression has allowed him to share his own adversities through word-play.


iHuman Studios: The TNT Sessions – Valkyrie

Valkyrie performing at an iHuman event.
Friday, June 4
performed by Valkyrie

iHuman artist Valkyrie is a Cree & Ojibwe hip-hop emcee from Edmonton, Alberta. In her mid-twenties, she began writing at a very young age and started performing and recording at age 14. She was a part of the hip-hop crew Collective Conscience for a few years and has now gone solo driving her own projects. Her flow is the flow of feathers, straight-up fiery, straight-up fierce. You should check out her latest album, Postponed, on your favourite music streaming service.


iHuman Studios: The TNT Sessions – Vntge

Sunday, June 6
performed by Vntge

Somebody say, ‘Different’? Vntge is the alias of Nigerian born / Canadian based rising star Gibson Wali, whose musical fusions of Afro beats, RnB, soul, pop, dance, and other elements have translated into modern-time bangers. With songs like “In Da Morning”, “Odeshi”, “Kilode”, “Lowkey Man”, and other Vntge has vehemently proven that his vibes are killer vibes, or like he calls them ‘Vibes on Killi Killi”. Stay tuned for more Vntge. Love.


iHuman Studios: The TNT Sessions – Jayden Paz

Jayden Paz performing at an iHuman event.
Wednesday, June 9
performed by Jayden Paz

Never have folk and blues met in a sweeter union as now. With just a guitar and soaring vocals, Jayden brings emotions to life while making you tap your feet. Drowned in sweeping melodies, his lyrics both move and challenge the listener. Jayden represents the very best of talent and resilience that Edmonton can offer.


iHuman Studios: The TNT Sessions – Mad John

Mad John performing at a iHuman event.
Thursday, June 10
performed by Mad John

You don’t know Mad John, yet. And Mad John don’t know you, yet. We are really excited for you to meet. Mad John wants you to know that Mad John really really likes Winehouse, Joplin, and Joni.


iHuman Studios: The TNT Sessions – Trebla

Trebla - ihuman youth society

Sunday, June 13
performed by Trebla

Trebla has been rapping since he was 13 – mostly free styling for fun – but really started taking it seriously around 16. Trebla’s style matches catchy melodies and ‘singalong’ hooks with sarcastic/aggressive lyrics over boombap/poppin’ beats. His lyrics are filled with messages of accountability and owning your mistakes.

TREBLA can be searched anywhere you stream music (iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Napster, deezer, tidal, etc.) or on YouTube = TREBLA_Music.