Welcome to Nextfest’s film showcase. Grab some popcorn and enjoy an incredible lineup of original short films from emerging film artists.

All films featured at Nextfest 2024 will be captioned.

When? Sunday, June 2 at 1:00 pm
Where? Nancy Power Theatre in the Roxy Theatre


Directed by Ryder Hartman

Dr. Lisa Henrekson sifts through the remaining evidence after her colleague Dr. Lindell becomes obsessed with a strange, otherworldly patient known only as Patient 31 who believes she’s been gifted with godlike powers.

Featuring Marissa Tordoff, Joel Mendenhall, Payton Wilson, Yemaya Azania, Darek Burdziuk and Michael Mackie



Directed by Kaden Peter

A young girl is given the task of delivering an old book to the church on top of the hill, where she encounters a spirit.

Featuring Giuliana Montesanti, Giulia Marion, Floriano Canonaco


Rock the Block

Directed by Gwynne McMaster

Two teen bandmates begin rehearsing in their garage when their next door neighbour makes an unwarranted visit. As a result, the teen bandmates put on the coolest rock performance of their lives.

Featuring Andrew Blair and Rick McMaster


Speak No Evil

Directed by Cade Kesslar and Dacy Perschon

Brad and Max spend Halloween Night together, but they each suspect that something is lurking outside the house. Brad can see the creature and Max can hear it, but their reluctance to open up to each other prevents them from communicating their worries and suspicions. Their fear of the supposed monster causes conflict between the two friends, and though they antagonize the creature, they end up being each other’s biggest obstacle.

Featuring Gunnar Perschon, Dacy Perschon, Cade Kesslar