Sara Has A Fever

Two women look towards the frame (one sporty, one edgy).

Thursday, June 3
created by Amy Lee and Mariam

Sara has to miss school because she has a fever.



A drawn image of a man wearing a hat.

Thursday, June 3
created by Jack Belhumeur

A man is in search of happiness when he is confronted by a man offering just that in the form of a package. But can happiness be given and received? In this new short film Director Jack Belhumeur challenges the nature of happiness.


Tanta Sarañani

A low angle of a bungalow house.

Friday, June 4
created by Paxsi

Part poem and part music video, Tanta Sarañani is a celebration of IBPOC queer and trans identities and expressions. It was conceived as a love letter to QTBIPOC community members, offering tender moments of affirmation and honesty.



A shadowed statue in a graveyard.

Saturday, June 5
created by Sara Campos-Silvius

THE SPECTRE is a horror-themed poetry film featuring the voice of someone (or something?) from beyond the grave.


Hungry For Hearing

Tw men, one covered in fake blood, get close to the camera.

Saturday, June 5
created by Tara Mitrovic

One Human Brain. One Zombie. One Giant Learning Curve.



A person sits next to a pile of wrapped up wires with their hand over their mouth in disgust.

Saturday, June 5
created by David Alejandro Gigena-Kazimierczak

After being wrongfully stabbed over the murder of a female, a teen is haunted by the traumatic event. As he fights with his PTSD, we find out that he may not be so innocent after all…


The Line

A man wearing protective gear works at a waste treatment plant.

Tuesday, June 8
created by Anthony Goertz

Real community in an unlikely place: Edmonton’s waste management centre.


With Love, Tommy

A person makes a phone call while sitting at the table in a camper van.

Wednesday, June 9
created by Cassandra Paige and Jordan Norn

A heavy-hearted Tommy flees an unfulfilling relationship to see the world.



A collage of headshots surround a larger picture of people rehearsing vocals in a choir.

Friday, June 11
created by Marko Boychuk, Sarah Dickson, Olivia Menard, and Julia Stanski

“Tidings” is the video result of a recording project that took place in the fall of 2020. This song is an adaptation of a number from our musical-in-progress. It’s an amalgamation of Christmas carols sung by a host of characters, expressing their numerous individual experiences. While each line expresses joy, once layered over each other, they create a haunting and complex musical entity. The unique sonorities of traditionally orchestral instruments are highlighted and offer a characterization of the melodies; seven singers come together to deliver “Tidings.”