Welcome to Nextfest’s film showcase. Grab some popcorn and enjoy an incredible lineup of original short films from emerging film artists.

All films featured at Nextfest 2023 will be captioned.

When? Sunday, June 4 at 1:00 pm
Where? Nancy Power Theatre in the Roxy Theatre

Power Chord

By Sara Campos-Silvius

After 20 years apart, the former members of a riot grrrl punk band gather to rehearse for a one-night-only charity reunion show. But with all the history between them, will they even survive sound check?

POWER CHORD explores what it means to succeed, what it means to sell out, and the enduring power of friendship.

featuring Ainsley Hillyard, Heather Pattengale, and Dianne Wulf


Nowhere Normal

written and produced by Heather Morrow 
directed by Matt Kloster

A young woman must find the heirlooms of her recently dead grandmother before her intolerant debt-ridden father does.

featuring Autumn T. Dang, Shaugnessy O’Brien, Richard Koy, Steve Dhillon, James Hastings, Alexandra Paulhus, Molly Rasmussen, Dante Sutton, Marlon Parnell, Alizain Mevawala, Brenda LePage, Fami Kaur, David Gallinger, Lee Conrad, and Janine Waddell


LighT presents

Cut the cake or take the cut cake.

written and choreographed by Lauren Brady
directed and edited by Thomas Kassian

What will Sue do when she is overcome with anxiety as she meets the ultimate dilemma at the office birthday party? Will she just cut the cake? Or take the cut cake and RUN.

featuring Lauren Brady, Candice Holloway, Hamna Tahir, Roxie Malone, Brynn Kassian, Douglas Macdonald, Gavin Wilkes, Zachary Strom, and Cameron McCutcheon


3 Points of Contact to Survive

directed and created by Brennan Roy

A neurodivergent wheelchair user seeks to find stability in their body, mind, and personal surroundings, amid a period of housing instability, grief, and crisis – in tension with both gravity and the ableist policies that envelop them.

featuring Brennan Roy, Full Radius Dance, Mel Chua, Brennan Roy, Allen Kaeja, and Kayla Roy


Manic Pixie Dream Girl

directed, choreographed, and produced by Tianna Therriault

A young woman reacts to the lack of reciprocity in her romantic relationship.

featuring Lilly Giroux, Alissa Dawn, Joseph Langballe, Ana Dias, Jesse Whitty, Sierra Holder, Jill Goranson Daniel Katsoras, and Rage Nnawuchi


Shifting creatures, Restless structure

directed, edited, and choreographed by Meghan Mainville 

We are very different from other living beings; however, relationships found in nature are comparable to our own. Even between ourselves, we seem to seek the differences, unaware of how it affects us. Those who notice understand the feeling.

featuring Meghan Mainville, Jean-Sébastien Chiasson, and Pierre-Luc Clément



written by Sophie Gareau-Brennan
directed by Sophie Gareau-Brennan and Matt Mihilewicz

In this silent film, a sad ghost gets ready for the best date of their life. 

featuring Sophie Gareau-Brennan, Lauren Hughes, Hayley Moorhouse, Gabby Bernard, Erin Pettifor, and Matt Mihilewicz.



directed, choreographed, edited, and produced by Emily Anne Corcoran

“I need more than the ghost of you.” 

This music video for “Poltergeist” by singer/songwriter Kaeley Jade is equal parts spooky and silly.

featuring Kaeley Jade Wiebe, Gab Gagnon, and Kael Wynn


Du néant / From Nothingness

directed by Jalianne Li and Haqq Brice

A being emerges from nothingness, moving, dancing, with the desire to create.

featuring Jalianne Li, Haqq Brice, Jeremie Toulassi-Djinan, Henry-Michel Koré, Andrew Creegan, Marie Andrée Gaudet, Sébastien Michaud, Jean Surette