Clown Showcase

re:Create Theatre presents

CLICK/CLACK: Clowns at the Keyboard – another webcam cabaret

Hand drawn rainbow lettering spell out Click/Clack Clowns with the 'o' in clowns being a clown nose.
Tuesday, June 8
curated by Philip Hackborn

Clowns, still separated from their beloved audience. What does it take to reach through the network of wires, cords, and cables to make a genuine connection? The red-nosers, physical comedians, and mask characters of the world search still to break through the boundaries of telecommunications technology. This has come easier to some, but we all must keep exploring, experimenting, venturing into that great digital beyond with nothing but curiosity and surprise behind our eyes. Once more, must we interface with our modems, grasping for connection that isn’t just of the dial-up, high-speed-satellite, or new-fangled-fiber varieties.