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Nextfest 2021: Night Ten Guide

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June 13th: night TEN of Nextfest


Closing night is here! Join us for a night of music, mystery, and movement. The festival will end with one of our incredible DJ artists spinning the night away.

Grab a beverage, get comfy, and tune into NextfestTV. We’ll see you in the chat.

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Yellow letters read "Night ten."


hosted by Dill Prusko

Night ten of Nextfest 2021 opens with a warm welcome from our host and some discussion of what to expect this evening.



The word lifeline is written in red and connected at both sides to the up-and-down patterns of a heart monitor.

by Amanda Yim
stage-managed by Will McIntosh

Lifeline is a radio play about a teenage girl, Emilia, and a 911 operator, Lambert. Emilia has been kidnapped, and her only chance of survival is with the help of Lambert on the other side of the phone. However, as the night progresses, Emilia and Lambert discover that this is not the first time their fate crossed paths.

featuring Ella Raven-Jackson, Logan Bloedel, Mehmet Dede, Simone Gosselin, Kateline Narayan, and Kennedy Sembaliuk



A person dances alone on a bridge connected to wires.

choreography by Rumi Jeraj
directed by Bobby Markov
composed by Gareth Hilliland
music by Holly Sangster, Zane Baker, and Kessler Douglas

This work is an exploration of process and space. Inspired by the location it’s shot in, WIRES began with a curiosity to create architecture to be danced in. From here, the work took on the narratives of the dancers to become the final product.

featuring Ethan Kim, Moira Humana-Blaise, Rumi Jeraj, and Gareth Gilliland



A person dances into a wooden box filled with water.

choreographed by Jordan Samonas

ex ducere, latin for “to lead out of,” is an experimental, structured improvisation in contemporary rhythm tap dance and percussion on sand and water.
space. silence. small, simple, sounds.
tiny events, amplified.
let’s tune and turn our ears, finding and creating sounds we enjoy.
let us become hyper listeners.

featuring Carmelle Cachero and Jordan Samonas



Trebla - ihuman youth society

performed by Trebla

Trebla has been rapping since he was 13 – mostly free styling for fun – but really started taking it seriously around 16. Trebla’s style matches catchy melodies and ‘singalong’ hooks with sarcastic/aggressive lyrics over boombap/poppin’ beats. His lyrics are filled with messages of accountability and owning your mistakes.

TREBLA can be searched anywhere you stream music (iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Napster, deezer, tidal, etc.) or on YouTube = TREBLA_Music.


Lowlands Visual Art Preview

The Lowlands Project Space features five of our incredible visual artists. A round-up of some of the visual art pieces in Nextfest 2021 will be shown.

featuring Heather Savard, Connor MacKinnon, Ryan Andrade, Hollis Hunter, and Ambar Azcorra



The comedy and tragedy theatre masks are sitting in front of a dark and dirty mirror.

by Liam Witte
directed by Erin Harvey

Helen, a reclusive widow, cares about her daughter Phoebe’s safety more than anything in the world. But when Phoebe brings home her new boyfriend Janus, who appears to be two entirely opposite men at once, Helen is faced with her own paranoia and trauma as she tries desperately to keep her daughter safe.

featuring Emily Brinco, Jayden Leung, Arthur Traynor, and Serejane Walls

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Ghostlight Theatre Projects presents


A knife is dripping with blood next to the words "run and hide"

by Leila Raye-Crofton

Beth meets Allie one night while writing her thesis on a new true crime podcast, Run and Hide. After listening to a new episode on local killer John Browne, they find he recently escaped from a nearby prison. Will Beth’s love of the genre prepare her for what might await them outside? Run and Hide is an exploration of the true crime fascination sweeping the world.

This is a play about a podcast, so we’re very excited to be presenting it in radio play format during Nextfest!

featuring Priya Narine, Meegan Sweet, Jackson Card, and Daniela Fernandez

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Electric Religious

Electric Religious stands with a flower in his hand.

Electric Religious is the project of Edmonton-based Métis singer-songwriter, Brandon Baker, whose guitar-driven music has been described as “bursting with inspiration, insight, and hope.” Deeply influenced by the psychedelic sounds of Jimi Hendrix, Baker took his moniker from a Hendrix quote: “When I get up on stage, that’s my whole life. That’s my religion. My music is electric church music. I am electric religion.”

Electric Religious recently received a nomination for Métis Artist of the Year from the Summer Solstice Indigenous Music Awards, to be held in June 2021. His new full-length album, Tragic Lover, releases in September 2021. The previous Electric Religious album, Yeah, Yeah, No (2018) featured “Revolution,” which achieved a spot in CBC Searchlight’s Top 100 (2019), and spent multiple weeks at #1 on the Indigenous Music Countdown.



Mustaga Rafiq poses under a tree. The whole image has a magenta overlay.

Mustafa Rafiq, known under many aliases, will be presenting a mix of eclectic sounds of Turtle Island and Black Electronica. All music played will have been purchased or gifted.


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