Feb 2012

NextNextFest High School Call for Submissions

Nextfest 2012

Call for submissions for all high school playwrights, actors, directors, designers, stage managers, technicians, and theatre artists/creators

High school students are invited to work in a professional theatre setting and showcase their talent at Edmonton’s largest emerging arts festival, Nextfest 2012.

Ways to get involved:

Shadow a professional playwright, actor, director, designer (set/lighting/costume), stage manager, theatre technician, or dramaturg while they produce a show at Next Fest.

Submit your play to be considered for a staged reading or full production.

Work on a production written by a high school student as an actor, director, designer, or stage manager.

We respond to unique artistic proposals: send us your script, idea, musing, or rant.

There are also opportunities for those interested in dance, choreography, music, visual art, and film & video.


Contact Laura Raboud or Steve Pirot for more information

Laura Raboud, High School Mentorship Coordinator: boo@nextfest.ca or 780-637-9110

Steve Pirot, Nextfest Festival Director: nextfest@theatrenetwork.ca or 780-453-2440


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