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Digital Projects

The future is here at Nextfest. Enjoy this year’s digital works online!


ReadyGo Theatre presents

Star Spawn

featuring Erik Richards, Jeong Ung Song, Frances Bundy, and Max Hanic

Carter was abducted by aliens when he was twelve years old and no one believes him, not even his best friend Evan. At fourteen, Carter struggles with nightmares and paranoia, maybe from his abduction, or maybe from the joints he and Evan smoke when they sneak out every night. Either way, Evan is all that Carter has and he’s counting on him for reassurance of his supernatural encounter.


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The Artist Plus The AI: A Poetic Duet

created by Sara Campos-Silvius

How does AI “see” poetry? Let’s find out!

You can view this project here: 


SheFromTheSea Productions

I Hate It Here 

featuring Emily Anne Corcoran, Meegan Sweet, Kaeley Jade, and Jezec Sanders 

“Turns out hell is a place on earth…and it’s a f*cking high school.” At least it is for Liv, a recently deceased ne’er-do-well who has until her timer runs out to become a better person or be stuck in hell for eternity. 






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directed by Hebert Poll Gutierrez

featuring Graciela Echague, Rodolfo Ortega Arnais, José González Salazar, Alfredo Alejandro Gibert Flores, José Alberto Susano Ruiz, Esteban Monroy Jiménez, and Adriana Ríos Sarabia 

Through theatre, storytelling, and animated stories, we will discover a secret and invisible Cuba that is not talked about by the media. Racial discrimination, abuse of power, massive emigration seeking to find true freedom, and other issues affecting the Island, don’t escape the critical lens of its author, who, from his humble place as a descendant of those black Africans, stands up as a defender of the human values of the island where he was born. This project spreads Martin Luther King’s quote, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”




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The Cost of Knowing

Acrylic paint on canvas board

by Amelie Snowdon

Artist statement: Each piece in this set is based on a different unethical psychological experiment, as I find it interesting to wonder about what caused people to sacrifice morals for discovery.

You can catch their work at The Roxy until June 6, 2023.


Race Against Time & For Mom

by Mika Mason

Growing up I always felt like I was racing the clock, when my mother died it felt as though I’d lost that race. I made this painting to vent that emotion.

This is a painting my mother commissioned me to do, but never got to see. She was the inspiration behind this piece


A Constellation of My Thoughts

poetry by Olivia Carson

Olivia Carson is a student at Strathcona High School. She has dabbled in a variety of art forms such as Technical Theatre, Acting, Improv, and Writing. From playing Canadian Improv Games to acting in the play Dumbwaiter, she has loved it all and is excited to showcase a new art form: poetry.

You can also read Olivia’s poems here: A CONSTELLATION OF MY THOUGHTS poetry by Olivia Carson



created by Jiwoo Park

“GOLDPILLED” is an animated short film that follows a dishevelled-looking man on his daily visits to the convenience store. One day, instead of the typical clerk, a young boy is running the till. The encounters between the two explore the man’s qualms and inner mindset while learning nothing from the boy. It is an off-putting standoff, that feels less and less like reality—while facing one’s own.

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