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Nextfest 2020: Filmmaking Workshop and Mentorship Program

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Are you interested in filmmaking but not sure where to start? Do you have a story that you’re itching to tell, but haven’t had the opportunity? This might be your chance!

The Nextfest Filmmaking Workshop and Mentorship Program is a new component of Nextfest in 2020 which aims to provide a safe and accessible route for aspiring filmmakers to learn the basics of filmmaking while producing their first project.

Applicants need not have a project in mind, but are welcome to apply with concepts or scripts that they may already have fully or partially prepared. Remember that every film needs a crew, so applicants interested in any filmmaking role are welcome!

About the Program

The program will be roughly shaped as thus

February 1-29, 2020: Applications open at nextfest.ca

Late March: Networking & Crew-building
As filmmaking is largely a collaborative endeavour, networking is hugely important! The program will start with a meet and greet event which will aim to help participants build their crews.

Early April: Filmmaking 101
A full-day workshop that will cover all of the basics, and get cameras in the hands of participants. While a single day is never enough, this event will give participants the knowledge and confidence they need to begin production.

Mid May: Films Completed & Delivered to Nextfest

June 4-14: Films will be screened as part of Nextfest 2020!

How to Apply

Fill out this form to apply for the Film Workshop and Mentorship program.

Have a film you’ve finished that you’d already like to submit, fill out this form here to have your Film shown at Nextfest 2020.

Questions? Email Nextfest Film Curator Katie Cutting at lazykittenproductions@gmail.com


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