Mar 2020

Nextfest 2020: Call for Submissions – Emergent Emancipations (Pride Nite Club 2020)

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Emergent Emancipations

“We want neither clean hands nor beautiful souls, neither virtue nor terror. We want superior forms of corruption.”
– Laboria Cuboniks

“When bodies take up spaces that they were not intended to inhabit, something other than the reproduction of the facts of the matter happens. The hope that reproduction fails is the hope for new impressions, for new lines to emerge, new objects, or even new bodies, which gather, in gathering around this table.”
– Sara Ahmed

Aesthetic experiences and how they are expressed have followed guiding lines and parameters; not just of space as in visual art conforming to the straightness of linear perspective, but also of time flattened to narrative linearity with a cut-clear past, present, and future. The horizon of our experiences – and our experience of aesthetics much more – has been contained within a certain threshold of tolerability, whereby to cross the line and hit limit-experiences comes with a certain queer slant and perhaps a sense of clarity.

Think of it all: liminal spaces, disjointed times, dislocated objects and subjects. What was the last time that you were confronted by the uncanny? Have you nurtured it? Given it care? Sought its expression? Do you think that the future will look like today?

Philosopher and interdisciplinary artist Simone A. Medina Polo is looking for performances, installations, readings, video, music, interactive and creative experiments that explore the intersections between thinking the future and the new as well as reflecting on the repetitions of the same ol’ thing. How can emancipatory emergences gain expression through art? And how do these expressions run parallel to the experience of emerging as an artist and emerging into queerness?

Pride Night: Emergent Emancipations will take place as part of NextFest 2020.

How to Submit

– Submissions will remain open until the event is full, but priority will be given to projects submitted before May 1, 2020.
– Submissions can be made with this google form or by emailing Simone A. Medina Polo directly at medinapolor@mymacewan.ca

Please note: Pride Night aims to uplift the work of 2SLGBTQ+ artists, thus we reserve submissions to artists that self-identify within the community. We are aiming to curate an event that is 14+.

In addition, seeking the mutations at the core of this programme, we stress BIPOC trans, fat, and disabled artists to the front, please!

Want to get involved, but don’t know how? Have an idea but haven’t fleshed it out yet? Looking for another mutation to tangle up with? Get in touch with Simone at medinapolor@mymacewan.ca and she’ll help you work it out.


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