Mar 2018

Nextfest 2018: Conduit Nite Club Call for Submissions

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Calling all movement artists! Conduit Nite Club is searching for submissions!

Held on June 1, this Nite Club will emphasize the movement arts ranging from interdisciplinary to collaborative to a good ol’ fashioned line dance.

We are looking for all things moving, including:

  • Choreographed works: (5-minute max) performances of any genre of movement.
  • Installations/Roving: Transform the space and guide us through the evening. Anything goes!
  • Film/Video: Working ideas, works-in-progress or fully fleshed-out movement for the camera. Video mapping, video jamming, live feeds, etc.
  • Dance Tutorial: Have you ever wanted to lead a dance class at a party? Do you love the Hustle, the Shim Sham, or Crankin’ that Soulja Boy? Teach us!
  • Improvised Collaboration: A half-collaboration, half-improvisation with all willing artists to create and showcase a piece by the end of the night!
  • DJ/Band: Do you play tunes that people just have to move to? Get at us!

Please submit the following information to conduit.niteclub@gmail.com. Applications will be reviewed starting April 28, 2018. Late applications may be considered.

  • Statement of Interest (indicate category of interest)
  • Project Proposal (N/A for Improvised Collaboration)
  • Tech Requirements (if applicable)
  • Optional Support Materials:
    • Video of Proposed Material or Past Works
    • Resume/CV/Bio

If you have an idea that doesn’t suit these categories – submit your proposal anyways! We are open to any interpretations you may have come up with. You define movement!

NOTE: The Nite Clubs are open to artists 18 years of age and older.


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