Apr 2018

Nextfest 2018: Audition Notice for The Gooseberry directed by Skye Hyndman

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The Gooseberry directed by Skye Hyndman

Will be performed in the 2018 NextFest Arts Festival

Looking for six actors to fill six roles:

  • DR. AUDREY DUHL ​(she/her) : A math professor. Really wants you to pour her a glass of wine. The most lovely and perfect disaster.
  • DR. ZENA DUHL ​(she/her) : Also a math professor. Audrey’s wife. Very morose—used as a weapon. Favourite book: A Coney Island of the Mind (Ferlinghetti)
  • DR. CHARLES PICKWICK ​(he/him): An English professor. Likes to watch birds. Hobbies include: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • JANET R. PICKWICK ​(she/her): Charles’ mum. A janitor. Has brought her own potatoes to your party.
  • FOXY-LOXY PLOXY ​(he/him): An English grad student. Has a tumblr filled with poetry distinctly resembling more experimental E.E. Cummings. Will tell you about his favourite 1960’s feminist literature.
  • COOL-SLUT ​(they/them) : From Neptune. Has a rock collection. Loves to pick at your brain. Currently dating Foxy-Loxy, but trajectory is uncertain.

Auditions would ideally be set up between April 20-27 but specific scheduling can be flexible. If interested please email jwisniew@ualberta.ca ​for more details, or to set up an audition time. Look forward to meeting with you / working with you.



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