May 2017

Nextfest 2017: Workshop Announcement

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Diversity in the Arts Workshop

NEXTFEST ARTS COMPANY is thrilled to announce our Diversity in the Arts Workshop as part of Nextfest 2017, with support from Theatre Alberta’s Workshop by Demand program.

Calling all arts advocates, allies and anyone interested in learning about equity and diversity in the arts! Join Gina Puntil (Work Plays Schools Program, ArtEquity2016) and Jenna Rodgers (Chromatic Theatre, CCEDA) in exploring how inequities – both visible and invisible – affect our theatre practices.

This full-day workshop will engage both your mind and body. Starting from individual and moving through to the societal, we will provide you with some tools and strategies to address, assess and disrupt inequity in your personal practice, creative work and in society as a whole.

Nextfest Diversity in the Arts Workshop
Monday, June 5, 2017: 10:00am – 4:00pm
The Roxy on Gateway Theatre
Free for Emerging Artists

This workshop is open to all emerging artists of any discipline; artists do not have to be currently producing/performing at Nextfest to participate in the workshop.  If the participant is not currently an artist in Nextfest, they will be made an honorary one so you can join us for the festival!

Limited space available, interested attendees are asked to register by email with the subject line DIVERSITY IN THE ARTS WORKSHOP to Festival Director, Ellen Chorley at ellen@nextfest.ca.

The email should clearly state:
•    Name
•    Contact Information
•    Background of your chosen artistic field
•    Your reason(s) for wanting to participate in this workshop

Applicants will be taken until June 2, 2017 or until the workshop is filled.  Maximum twenty participants.


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