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Nextfest 2017: Prohibition Pride Call for Submissions

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What would a Pride party have looked like in the 1920’s? Go back in time to an imaginative era of luxurious outfits, imbibing, jazz and extravagant delights at The Roxy on Gateway, Saturday, June 10th!

Performers and staged characters will be roaming throughout the space, with performances and entertainment starting at 9:30pm and going until 2am. This Nite Club event is a mix of party and show without the separation of stage – any place in the room can be a front-row seat!

The madam of PROHIBITION PRIDE is now accepting submissions! Emerging artists who are interested in doing spoken word poetry, theatre, philosophy, dance, performance art, fortune telling, drag, burlesque, juggling, feats of strength or flexibility, music and circus are encouraged to apply. Performances can range from roving 30-second segments that would circulate around the room through the night, to a single, grand 3 to 5 minute choreographed performance that would happen once in the evening. You are encouraged to apply as solo artists or in groups! For the purpose of this festival, “emerging” generally refers to artists around or under the age of 30 who are not professionally represented. All performers must be at least 18 years old.

Please submit the following requirements to the Madam of the night, Violette Coquette, at hellothere@ violettecoquette.com:

– An explanation of your piece/idea
– Technical requirements, if known
– Contact information, including website links and twitter handle
– Any additional support material
– If you would like to collaborate with an artist from another discipline

Note, if you are selected to perform, you will need to be available for stage tech (TBA). Artist perks include a small honorarium, t-shirt, artist pass, festival pass, invites to parties, name listed on t-shirt, program and website.

Submissions for PROHIBITION PRIDE will remain open until programming is full, but preference will be given to submissions received before March 10, 2017.


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