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Nextfest 2017: Audition Notice

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Audition Notice for Nextfest 2017

The Jackal and Her Reflection
written by Camille Pavlenko
directed by Tonya Rae Chrystian

•Arba (female) – the assassinated Pharaoh Hatshepsu
•Nefertari (female) – a lowly street walke
•Rama (male) – a member of the city guard
•Sensinobe (any gender) – a youthful-seeming old woman, or perhaps a wise-seeming old man. Sensinobe exists fluidly between genders.

*Rama and Sensinobe can be played by the same actor

The ancient city of Memphis, Egypt, 1457 BCE. Although the play is stylized, embellishes upon history, and contains many anachronisms and liberties, every effort will be made to have as multi-ethnic a cast as possible. Historically, Hatshepsut was from a long line of indigenous, Egyptian Pharaohs. Egypt, at all points in history, was a multicultural epicentre and its citizens were people from all lands and of all ethnic backgrounds. This production aims to reflect this diversity, and actors of all ethnicities are welcome to apply. However, it is preferable the cast will contain no more than one actor of a European background.

Audition dates
Friday, March 17
Saturday, March 18

Audition times
Friday 8-9:30pm
Saturday 2-3:30pm

Audition location
Robertson Wesley United Church (10209 123 street NW)

• Please email the director (tchrysti@ualberta.ca) with a simple actor resume and headshot to apply.
• Please write “Jackal Audition” in the subject line.
• Please indicate which day you would like to audition and you will be sent a time slot.
• Sides will be provided.

• Rehearsals will take place in Edmonton at various venues starting in April and continuing through May.
• Nextfest runs from June 1-11, 2017, with multiple performances throughout. Full availability is required.
• Full rehearsal and performance schedule is TBA, but actors should expect to commit
approximately 20hrs/week during the evenings and weekends to rehearsal.
• All actors will receive a small honorarium for their labour. Exact amount is TBD.


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