Feb 2014

Nextfest 2014 Call for Theatre Proposals

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#nxtfstTHEATRE takes over the Roxy Theatre with compelling new works by emerging theatre artists. Curated by @StevePirot.

Nextfest 2014
Call For Theatre Proposals

To Young & Emerging theatre artists:

Intake of submissions is ongoing. There is no end-date for consideration, but proposals received earlier will have greater opportunity for consideration. There is neither application form nor application fee. We will entertain proposals from producers, playwrights, directors, actors, designers, multi-disciplinary artists, etc. Submissions do not have to be attached to a specific creative project: resumes are welcome.

If you are proposing a specific creative project:

We ask for a developmental history of the proposed work, a personal assessment of its current state, and a proposed direction for its development. Address your intention, your proposed process, the resources you have (e.g.: personnel, partners, space), the resources you don’t have (e.g. personnel, partners, space), and what it is you want/need from Nextfest. Script submissions should be unbound, single-sided, paginated, and include a title page with contact information.

Nextfest 2014 is a multi-disciplinary arts festival for emerging artists that will be presented in Edmonton, June 5 -15, as the culminating event of Theatre Network’s season. Nextfest’s target is a demographic of emerging artists under the age of 30, whom have made personal commitments to a career in the arts, are not yet recognized with professional associations, and are in need of professional development and exposure.

Submissions may be delivered to:
The Nextfest Arts Company
Re: Theatre Submission
c/o The Roxy Theatre
10708 124 St
Edmonton, AB, T5M 0H1

Questions may be addressed to steve@nextfest.ca.


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