Mar 2014

Nextfest 2014 Call for NuMusic Submissions

NuMusic at Nextfest 2014 Submission Call

NuMusic at Nextfest proudly presents brave new works by emerging local composers, musicians, sound artists, and anyone interested in exploring the world of new music. For the sake of this festival, “emerging” refers to artists under the age of 30 who are not professionally represented.

NuMusic at Nextfest is now accepting submissions for the 2014 Nextfest Emerging Arts Festival. NuMusic 2014 will focus on the theme Dynamic vs Static, and will incorporate both time-based performances and sound installations.

Deadline to submit is Wednesday, April 16, 2014. We are interested in works at various stages of development within the following categories:

I. Dynamic:

Composed works, including:

  • works for solo instruments
  • chamber music (ensemble may be provided by musician, OR pending submission requests, a house ensemble may be formed)
  • acousmatic (stereo only)
  • electroacoustic
  • improvisation, for example: acoustic, mixed or fully electronic performances; live coding; sound walk; etc.
  • Experimental take on various genres, for example: jazz, pop, electronic music, rock

Please note: dynamic works must not exceed ten minutes in duration

II. Static:

Gallery based sound art or site-specific works including:

  • Sound Art Installation
  • Interactive Sound Installation
  • Site-Specific Works

Please note: space is limited

III. Other?

Have a piece that doesn’t fit in the categories above? Let us know!

Submission requirements:

  • brief written explanation of the work
  • overview of the requirements of the work (particularly for installation works and/or technically heavy performance pieces)
  • artist(s) biography (maximum 150 words)
  • scores and/or recordings where applicable
  • any applicable auxiliary materials such as youtube/vimeo/soundcloud etc. links
  • contact information

Submissions may be sent electronically to mdart@catchthekeys.ca or rngonzal@ualberta.ca.

Hard copies may be mailed to:
NuMusic at Nextfest Curator c/or The Roxy Theatre
10708 124 Street
Edmonton AB T5M 0H1

Questions? Comments?
Please contact Megan at mdart@catchthekeys.ca
or Raimundo at rngonzal@ualberta.ca


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