High School Visual Art 2022


Watercolour on a white canvas. A black tea pot pours blood on four tea cups stacked on top of each other. One has an eye, two have ears, and the bottom one has a mouth.

Watercolour by Cameron Jimenez

The piece’s imagery is meant to illustrate how people work together. Working together can be messy and all over the place, but in the end, the friendships you make and the journey you go on still mean something. It’s about how it’s worth it to try and trust others.


Photography by Rowan Downey-Qyuinteros

Artist statement: I chose the name “Inspiration” for this set of photos as all of the photos are things that inspire me in photography.



Acrylic Paints on Canvas by Jasmine Chuck

An image of popular video game characters from Genshin Impact; Jean (Left) & Keqing (Ke-ching) (right).

Artist statement: I painted two of my favourite characters from the popular video game Genshin Impact; Jean (Left) & Keqing (Ke-ching) (right). I originally painted them for my art history project at school. I was really proud of how they turned out, so I decided to showcase them for this year’s Nextfest.