Dec 2022

Nextfest 2023: High School Submission Call

A young musician plays the guitar while sitting and singing into a microphone on stage.


We want to give you a platform to share your artistic brilliance at Nextfest 2023 (June 1-11, 2023). 

Nextfest provides students with a safe opportunity to share art and network with the broader arts community. We foster positive professional experiences for everyone involved.

What are we looking for?

We are seeking submissions from emerging high school students that are creating daring NEW theatre works, dance pieces, music, film, spoken word, visual art, multidisciplinary collaborations, or other art.

The sky is the limit and we want to see how you create the clouds. 

Who Can Apply?

This stream is meant for high schoolers or high school aged students (14-18 years old) who are looking to work on a new project (script, poem, visual art, film, dance, etc.) within a festival setting.

How to Apply?

Please fill out one of the following forms to apply for Nextfest 2021

  1. High School Submit a Script
  2. High School Pitch a Project

Deadline to Apply: January 31, 2023 at 11:59 pm.

How Do I Know Which Form to Submit To?

If you are working on a piece that involves ascribed format (theatre script) – please select the Submit a Script form above.

If your project does not follow a scripted format (musicians, poets, dancers, film, mixed media, etc), please fill out the Pitch a Project Submission Form above.


Have an idea, but are not sure how to write about it?
Have questions or concerns about submitting? I’d love to chat with you.

Send our Highschool Curator an email at Jen.Peebles@outlook.com.


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