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Free Events at Nextfest 2022

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Nextfest is filled with 50+ events spanning over 11-days, most are entrance by ticket, some are at the door only, and some are free to attend. Here are the incredible free events that you can enjoy at Nextfest 2022.

Saturday Music Series

There are two incredible free events at Nextfest this year that are also a Nextfest first: The Saturday Music Series at The Lot

Enjoy the music and the vibes! Bring your pals, put on some sunscreen, grab a drink, and enjoy some incredible live music.

Saturday, June 4 at 2 pm
@ The Lot (12320 107 Ave NW)

RSVP to our Facebook Event.

Saturday, June 11 at 2 pm
@ The Lot (12320 107 Ave NW)

RSVP to our Facebook Event.

Workshop Readings

Come support plays in their beginning stages. No tickets are required, but please show up 15 minutes in advance to go to the performance.


By Amanda Samuelson

When? Saturday, June 4 at 6:00 pm. Audience talkback to follow.

Where? Rehearsal Hall in the Roxy Theatre 

Grace is swimming in the murky waters of depression, and has been for quite some time.

Despite having the support of her mother, (ex) partner, and therapist, she has been caught up in the whirlpool that is her negative thought patterns and can’t seem to escape.

Grace inevitably drags herself further and further into the depths of her psyche, where it becomes impossible to tell what is real or imagined. 



Staged Theatre Productions presents


by Grace Fitzgerald, featuring Ben Ali, Kristine Fredrick, Maya Wright, Teio Suyal

When? Sunday, June 5 at 10:00 am. Audience talkback to follow.

Where? Rehearsal Hall in the Roxy Theatre 

What mysteries does one of Edmonton’s most iconic and historical neighbourhoods hold? What secrets have gone untold? Stories forgotten?

For the past few months, creator Grace Fitzgerald and her amazing team have been out interviewing residents of the area to create a collection of true stories, memories, and a curation of what it’s really like to call one of Edmonton’s oldest neighbourhoods home.

Join us for this celebration of human connection, honest recollections, and a retelling of Strathcona.




by Ashtyn Sample, featuring ​​Dawn Jones, Carys Jones, Stefan Sikanja, Annie Randall, Reid Offers, Renee Cordero Bros, and Mika Boutin

When? Saturday, June 11 at 12:00 pm (noon). Audience talkback to follow. 

Where? Rehearsal Hall in the Roxy Theatre 

One Last Kiss is a one-act play that follows the life (and lips) of Stella, a young woman 

looking back on the memories of past kisses she has shared during her life.

The audience is able to glimpse into Stella’s most intimate moments including a kiss between her newborn self and her mother when she was first born, her first kiss with a woman, and a kiss that changes how she sees her world.

The young adult-centered comedy-drama follows Stella as she deals with sexuality, change, and self-acceptance. 


Further In Theatre presents


by Heids MacDonald, featuring Shelly-Ann Morgan, Leah Hearne, Amy Pohl

When? Sunday, June 12 at 12:00 pm (noon). Audience talkback to follow. 

Where? Rehearsal Hall in the Roxy Theatre 

A nurse who works in a women’s prison is tasked with caring for an inmate who is dying of cancer.

“Inmate” is a no-bullshit mystic with a love for song and strange hope in the midst of pain and darkness.

“Nurse” is a queer woman who grew up in a homophobic, religious town, and was burned by religion and now has little use for God. The two of them walk together through the last days of Inmate’s life and find a deep need for each other.


Nextfest Workshop Series

Did you know that our workshops are free to attend?

This year we have the following workshops:

  • Improvisations and Structure in Movement with Shannon Lin (Good Women Dance Workshop)
  • APIRG Anti-O 101 with Sare Alemu & Tristan Turner (APIRG)
  • Grant Writing 101 with Barbara Mah
  • The Art & The Artist: Shifting Your Relationship to Your Artistic Practice with D’orjay Jackson
  • Exploratory Movement and Clown with Erin Pettifor (Good Women Dance Workshop)
  • Creating Your Own Land Acknowledgement with Josh Languedoc
  • Intro To Filmmaking with Holly Mazur
  • Poetics of Place: Healing Through Poetry
  • Body Awareness with Marissa Wong (Good Women Dance Workshop)
  • Portfolio Pizazz with Madi LeBlanc
  • THE HOUSE IS NOW OPEN, PLEASE TAKE YOUR SEATS: Applied Theatre Workshop with Kevin Jesuino

You can find more information and register for workshops here.


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