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Image of a camera filming the words "welcome home" from the Nextfest 2021 livestream.

The Nextfest 2022 Film Showcases are coming up on June 12th. Can’t make it? Here is a selection of films from our showcases that you can watch online.

These films come from emerging filmakers in the beginnings of their careers, all of which were selected by our Film Curator, Katie Cutting. Films are below, scroll and enjoy!

Note: Before watching, please consider reviewing our content warnings.

There are two Film showcases:

  • Program A will be on Sunday, June 12 at 2:00 pm in the Nancy Power Theatre at the brand new Roxy Theatre on 124th, with a talk back to happen after the program.
  • Program B will be on Sunday, June 12 at 3:30 pm in the Nancy Power Theatre at the brand new Roxy Theatre on 124th, with a talk back to happen after the program.

Why not join us for both? Not all films in our showcase are available online, you can get tickets to the in-person showcases here: https://bit.ly/3wSIJOR

Want more film? We have a free online Introduction to Filmmaking workshop on June 9th at 1 pm led by Holly Mazur. Learn more here and register here.



By Laura La France

A micro-documentary on Super 8 film, featuring the Windscape Kite Festival in Swift Current, Saskatchewan.



by Anne Barker

Humans must look to the wisdom of honeybees to find new ways of navigating an ever-changing world.

Featuring ilara Stefaniuk-Gaudet, Wisdom offered by Elder Sharon Jinkerson Brass.



By Jasmine Liaw


“frost light” is a visceral play of layered visuals and kinetic curiosity that emulates her current mental health journey.

Featuring Jasmine Liaw and Dino Hajdarovac


A surrealist look at a world where Lizards and Dogmen must face modern problems with fantastic solutions.

Featuring Dean Marcynuk, Eamon Van Den Berg, and Thorin Freeman Peters.



A goblin named Teewick turns to a higher power (God) to fulfill his greatest wish: to become an elf.

Featuring Aidan Collins, Sam Robinson, and Elise Leske.




by Nauzanin Knight


Power Moves flaunts the power of Black women entrepreneurs.

Featuring Valécia Pépin, Karimah (Ashanti) Marshall, Geordie Cheeseman, Mitra Knight, Chase Gardiner, Karimah Marsha, Emily Zhang, Natalia Chai, James Hastings, Alexander Drost, Loic Rico, and Jeremiah “cubz” Akers.



Two escorts bond while waiting for a bus that will help them escape the Big City. Based on a short story by C. E. Hoffman.

Featuring Danton Lamar, Rachanee Lumayno, C. E. Hoffman, Winston Rowntree, and TC Folkpunk.




Morphing between simplicity and chaos, the experimental short “Shouldering Intervals of Desire” bends unconventional sensorial images and choreographic dance movement together to explore a person’s obsession with balancing their relationship to time and ambitious life aspirations.

Featuring Danielle Mackenzie Long, Alder Sherwood, Max Berkowitz, Miya Kosowick, Ben Ross, Allie Shiff, and Nikki Schenk.




The last man on earth finds a guitar and teaches himself to play, attempting to write a song to give his life meaning again.

Featuring Bradley Duffy, Rosa Carranza, Alex Clarke, Maya Appavoo, Nelson Frota, Salvador Lara, Joaquin Figueroa, Marie Picard, Taitania Calarco, Katy Bui, Gea Arce, Hyongsob Kim, Taylor Zemlak, Jordan Christopher, and Andrea Beça.



Tara can’t stop thinking about her ex-girlfriend until a mysterious encounter with a doppelgänger in a mall parking lot offers her the possibility of transformation.

Featuring Saba Akhtar, Amina Mohamed, Marilyn Tate, Radha Pithadia, Sonja Rainey, Kai Masoka, Nikki Shaffeeullah, Sonja Rainey, Kelly Paoli, Rachel Penny, Sasha Tate-Howarth, Roya DelSol, Dylan Tate-Howarth, Steph Raposo, Liz Singh, Jackie Omstead, and Parker Dirks.




Tim just wanted to give his unemployed brother a ride to a job interview. Mike was just trying to do something right for a change. Neither of them knew they’d have to steal a car.

Featuring Jace Mix, Morgan LeBlanc, Nick McQuik, Matt Allaedine, Kelly Krause, James Hastings, Katie Cutting, David Gallinger, Sarah King, and Isaiah Teerink.


The Nextfest "Official Selection 2022" Film Laurel.


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