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CLOSED – Work With Us: Festival Producer Job Posting

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~This posting is now closed – thank you for your interest ~

Application Deadline: August 21, 2020
Start Date: October 1, 2020 in Edmonton, Alberta
Term: Annual contract: Full-time during the festival, part-time in offseason
Salary: $20,000
Report to: The Nextfest Arts Company Board of Directors

The Nextfest Arts Company

Nextfest marks the beginning of a long creative journey for a huge array of artists. Our circle continues to grow and evolve with our artists and staff as they grow and evolve, too. We are a platform for emerging artists, a meeting ground for community, a springboard for creative invention. Mentorship, inclusion, learning, creative risk, and vulnerability are at the core of everything we stand for.

As such, we will be ensuring that mentorship, training, development, and learning opportunities are included in our hiring of the new Festival Producer. We will focus on raising up a future producer, not based on past experience but focussed on their dedication to the artists, connection to the community, and excitement to grow into this role. We encourage those who are interested to apply: we are looking for your enthusiasm to be greater than the length of your resume.

Nextfest is prepared to offer training, support, and mentorship to support the individual to grow into this role. The out-going Festival Producer will act as a mentor for the first full festival cycle and the Festival Director will be available to support the Festival Producer throughout their relationship as the leaders of the organization.

Job Description

Festival Producer – The Nextfest Arts Company
The Festival Producer is responsible for leading the producing and administrative elements of The Nextfest Arts Company. Working closely with the Festival Director to ensure the festival is accessible and inclusive for all artists. The Festival Producer works collaboratively with the Festival Director, Curators, Production Manager, and Marketing Manager to produce the festival.

Below is a breakdown of the responsibilities of the Festival Producer that currently formulates the position’s role with the organization. We do expect that as the Festival Producer and Festival Director begin working together, the individual roles between the two may shift as a working relationship is formed.


  • The Festival Producer is responsible for the overall producing and administration of the festival.
  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Budget creation and management, as well as bookkeeping for the organization and festival
  • Fund development including sponsorships, grants, donations, as well as other sources of revenue
  • The cultivation of mutually beneficial partnerships and general relationship building with other organizations, artists, individuals, staff, board, and volunteers from a wide variety of communities
  • Co-management of the Marketing Manager with the Festival Director
  • Development of the festival program with the Festival Director, Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer
  • Creation and updating of festival contracts for a variety of stakeholders
    Mentorship and support of emerging artists
  • Continually improving safe processes and equitable practices for community engagement


  • Experience managing artists and staff
  • Festival management or producing experience
  • Interest in the diverse emerging artist communities in Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada as well as have an understanding of its ever-changing landscape
    Ability and interest in building mutually beneficial and genuine relationships with a wide variety of artistic communities
  • Ability to think and solve problems creatively with care
  • The Festival Producer is a flexible, work from home position that requires occasional meetings, office time, and attendance at various events and performances. Generally, this is a part-time position with May and June having an increased full-time workload.

The Hiring Committee:

The hiring committee for this position includes Bradley Moss (Board President), Ellen Chorley (Festival Director), and Gina Puntil (Community Member). To be fully transparent with applicants, we would like to mention that Gina Puntil is currently sitting on the hiring committee for both this position and a similar position(s) with Azimuth Theatre. Decisions and evaluations made as part of the Azimuth Theatre hiring process will not be reflected in the evaluation for this position.

How to Apply:

Nextfest strongly encourages those who identify as members of communities that are currently underrepresented in our artistic landscape to apply. If any applicants require accommodations during any part of the application process, please reach out as Nextfest is eager to provide this support and provide accessible and inclusive employment.

Applicants should submit a resume and cover letter that addresses their vision for Nextfest’s future as well as their experience and strengths relating to the responsibilities and qualifications included above. Applicants may also choose to address areas that they may need training or mentorship to ensure these areas can be supported.

Please email or mail in your application to be considered no later than August 21, 2020 to:

Subject Line: Festival Producer Search

Festival Producer Search
The Nextfest Arts Company
8529 Gateway Blvd
Edmonton, AB
T6E 6P3

If you have any further questions, please reach out to hello@nextfest.ca.

*This post was originally posted on July 20th, 2020 but updated on August 8th to represent new information and initiatives.


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