May 2021

Celebrating the Nextfest 2021 Festival Image

The new 2021 festival image is here!

Two artists float against a green and navy blue skyscrapers. One artist is playing a violin and the other is dancing. They are surrounded by abstract shapes.

Thank you to Taylor Danielle (she/her), a local Edmonton artist, for creating this incredible piece to represent Nextfest 2021. We chatted with Taylor about the process of creating this beautiful and colourful landscape for our 2021 festival.

What was your inspiration?

Ok, so I was looking through the past lineups, and I was really inspired by all the shows NextFest has had. The two main characters are an amalgamation of some of the past performers.

There wasn’t a theme, so I was thinking about the last year, and it’s hard to get away from Covid 19 and the impact it’s had, but I didn’t want to mask everyone cause it’s a bit much, bit depressing.

What part of Nextfest did you hope to express through this work?

I wanted to capture the endless days and nights. The fact we’ve been looking through screens to connect, and how we sort of have this togetherness-alone that we’ve all been going through.

Then these two artists come in, and they’re dancing, singing, full of colour, breaking up the monotony and repetition of life right now. I wanted them to radiate this playful energy, and get people excited about all the stories and perspectives they’re going to hear about in this year’s Nextfest!

Where can people find your work/support you?

People can follow my Instagram under @lovelyhambones and support me at taylordanielle.shop


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