Dec 2022

Nextfest 2023: Digital Projects Submission Call

A video of an artist performing in a video is displayed on a laptop next to a candle and red solo cup.

Digital Projects

Nextfest Digital Art
Due: February 1, 2023 at 11:59 pm MST.

Are you an emerging artist looking to produce a digital project at Nextfest 2023 (June 1-11, 2023)? Please fill out this form if you are an artist pitching a digital project or online event for consideration as part of Nextfest 2023 (June 1-11, 2023).

NEXTFEST 2023 takes place in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Nextfest works on a presentation model similar to the Fringe Festival. Projects are chosen and curated within the festival run, but the project itself is lead by a producer who oversees the content and creation of the project as well as all artists associated with the project and all design elements such as set, costumes, etc.

This form is to be used for any projects that presented in a digital format. This could be in any discipline ie. dance, theatre, music, etc.

To submit a digital project, please fill out the following form: Nextfest Digital Projects Form.

Questions, concerns, queries about submitting? Have an idea, but not sure how to write about it? Putting together your first pitch and need some guidance? Message our Festival Director to chat! Contact Ellen Chorley at ellen@nextfest.ca

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