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Nextfest 2021: Night Two Schedule

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June 4th: night Two of Nextfest


Happy Friday! Tonight features poetry, storytelling, dance, digital theatre, mystery, film, and burlesque. The evening will be played out by one of our amazing DJs as we dance the night away.

Grab a beverage, get comfy, and tune into NextfestTV. We’ll see you in the chat, if you’re reading this say !letsgo in the chat for a surprise.

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your NIGHT Two schedule 

Yellow letters read "Night two."


hosted by Dill Prusko

Night two of Nextfest 2021 opens with a warm welcome from our host and some discussion of what to expect this evening.


Tanta Sarañani

A low angle of a bungalow house.

created by Paxsi

Part poem and part music video, Tanta Sarañani is a celebration of IBPOC queer and trans identities and expressions. It was conceived as a love letter to QTBIPOC community members, offering tender moments of affirmation and honesty.


The Hidden Neighbourhood presents

Invisible Thread (Episode 1)

The words invisible thread a three-part, episodic dance serties at Nextfest 2021 are featured on an overlay background. In the background there is a crowd of people with rainbow colouring over it.

produced by Caitlin Kelly, Braden Butler, Christina Nguyen, and Kaeley Jade Wiebe
choreographed by Emily Anne Corcoran, Meegan Sweet, and Braden Butler

Invisible Thread is a three-part, episodic dance series created by The Hidden Neighbourhood. Three choreographers digitally reimagine work they originally created on stage and prior to the pandemic, weaving an invisible thread through remotely filmed and separately devised choreographic impressions of our present lives.

featuring Caitlin Kelly, Kaeley Jade Wiebe, Emily Anne Corcoran, Christina Nguyen, Meegan Sweet, Holly Wandler, Beverley Rockwell, Braden Butler, and Jackson Card

Girls in Film and Television logo


Lights of Hope

A woman dances surrounded by fairy lights in an alley. The photo is black and white with sepia-tone lens flares.

choreographed and performed by Janita Frantsi

Right now, our city is a little quieter—even a little empty and lonely. But there is still light – light that pops up in the darkness, light that opens up a new day, light that can be found around us.

The Company would like to thank the Government of Alberta/Ministry of Culture, Multiculturalism, and Status of Women for the funding that made this piece possible to come to life.

featuring Jon Guenter, Janita Frantsi, and Julia Barsukova



Two girls sit across the table from each other with a pie in the middle.
Friday, June 4
directed and written by Laura Cervera-Fuentes
cinematography and lighting by Sara Sheydwasser
makeup, costume, and set design by Brooklynn Soppet
direction of photography by Amelie Lang-Muller
assistant directed by Elise Leske

“lucid dream
(ˈluːsɪd driːm)
A dream in which the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming and can sometimes influence the course of the dream.

Are YOU really in control?”

featuring Emma Kinasevich, Laura Cervera-Fuentes, and Elise Leske


Who’s Holding All of the Cards? 

A mysterious woman walks into the darkness while four shadowy figures linger in the foreground.

by Maria Morin

After her untimely death, Andy’s four friends receive a letter informing them that Andy was an undercover intelligence agent and that she has some unfinished spy business. They must retrieve a deck of UNO cards and deliver it to their science teacher, but they’re not the only ones who need that deck.

featuring Ava Countryman, Arthur Traynor, Grace Vandermeulen, Liam Witte, Marharyta Tsiatserskaya, Sam Michaelchuk, and Maria Morin

Girls in Film and Television logo


iHuman Studios: The TNT Sessions – Valkyrie

Valkyrie performing at an iHuman event.

performed by Valkyrie

iHuman artist Valkyrie is a Cree & Ojibwe hip-hop emcee from Edmonton, Alberta. In her mid-twenties, she began writing at a very young age and started performing and recording at age 14. She was a part of the hip-hop crew Collective Conscience for a few years and has now gone solo driving her own projects. Her flow is the flow of feathers, straight-up fiery, straight-up fierce. You should check out her latest album, Postponed, on your favourite music streaming service.

iHuman Studios is amped to present the first season of TNT with six episodes spotlighting the iHuman music artists: Valkyrie, Amplify1, Mad John, FAVES, Jayden Paz, and Locke Tha MC.

iHuman Studios is a collective of young multidisciplinary artists between the ages of 12 and 24 years who constitute the members of iHuman Youth Society. iHuman’s mission is to invite young people to transform their experiences of personal and systemic trauma through acts of expression & creativity into experiences of Purpose, Self-worth, Identity, and Belonging.


iskotêw iskwêwak presents


Three people stand against a wall posing in beautiful outfits and beaded jewelry.

curated by Shir Modesty

This burlesque cabaret will showcase and honour the vitality that iskwewak brings into this world. Our bodies contain embers that sustain our communities with heat and protection. The expression that we offer is a gift for healing and rebirth. We know that the stories that lay behind our expressions of sexuality embody the power within our iskwewak.

featuring Alicia Chevonne Cardinal, Nipi Iskwew, Shir Modesty, and more


DJ Gulzar

DJ Gulzar searching through records at the record store.

Piyush Patel aka DJ Gulzar is Indo-Canadian and is an active member of the Edmonton music community. When he is not busy attending live gigs, he can be found hosting a weekly radio program called “From Here We Go Sublime” on Tuesdays from 7-8 pm on CJSR 88.5 FM. He blends diverse musical genres such as post-punk, indie rock, synthwave, electronic and world music in his musical sets.

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