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Nextfest 2021: Night Three Schedule

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June 5th: night Three of Nextfest


Tonight features film, sci-fi/horror, music, and comedy. The evening will be played out by one of our amazing DJs as we dance the night away.

Grab a beverage, get comfy, and tune into NextfestTV. We’ll see you in the chat.

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your NIGHT Three schedule 

Yellow letters read "Night three."


hosted by Dill Prusko

Night three of Nextfest 2021 opens with a warm welcome from our host and some discussion of what to expect this evening.



A shadowed statue in a graveyard.

created by Sara Campos-Silvius  

THE SPECTRE is a horror-themed poetry film featuring the voice of someone (or something?) from beyond the grave.


Everyone Kills at Night  

The shadow of a person with a knife is casted on the wall by the light coming through a window.

written by Danica Friss Wilson

directed by Morgan Tiley

Everyone Kills at Night is a play about Amelia, an average woman who’s been listening to a lot of true crime podcasts. One night she’s awakened by a sound in her room. That sound: an up-and-coming killer trying to make a name for himself, who’d like to kill Amelia and get on with it. After being convinced not to kill her, Amelia takes this strange man under her wing, mentoring him on death, perfection, fame, murder, and most importantly, true crime podcasts. 

featuring Amanda Bertrand, Tarren Vercholuk, and Danny Domahidi 


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Brown Kids, Slay Monsters

Two kids stand back to back with a monster looming above them.

written by Abhay

When Varun is outed to his family, he has two choices: leave in exile or marry a girl. As he embarks on a journey to find a wife, he is trapped in Swayamvara Resort, a place that claims to help South Asian singles find matches — however, little meets the eye here. Varun meets and falls for Dhruv, another gay man trapped in the resort, and together they learn its dystopian and kyriarchal secrets. This makes Varun’s choice increasingly difficult—that’s on top of being stuck in the resort with a tentacle monster after them.

Featuring Prishita Harikant, Vanessa Rasie, Attikah-Naz Kayani, Nico Maiorana, and Seraphim Rosenfeldt

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Hungry For Hearing

Tw men, one covered in fake blood, get close to the camera.

created by Tara Mitrovic 

One Human Brain. One Zombie. One Giant Learning Curve.



A person sits next to a pile of wrapped up wires with their hand over their mouth in disgust.

created by David Alejandro Gigena-Kazimierczak

After being wrongfully stabbed over the murder of a female, a teen is haunted by the traumatic event. As he fights with his PTSD, we find out that he may not be so innocent after all…


Hypothetical Bad Idea presents


A shape that represents a dark angel stands to the right of the image looking down. Over their body, it appears that they are glitching.

by Liam Salmon  

A Father has been taken in by a faceless organization, recalling his time at the church and trying to make up for ‘time lost’ during one fateful night. Something has happened to the church. Something’s terribly wrong with the pastor. Maybe something’s always been wrong with the small town of [REDACTED]. 

This is a workshop production/experiment of a sci-fi/horror play. In this digital format, we are experimenting with recorded video and a long-distance rehearsal process. 


iHuman Studios: The TNT Sessions – Vntge

performed by Vntge 

Somebody say, ‘Different’? Vntge is the alias of Nigerian born / Canadian based rising star Gibson Wali, whose musical fusions of Afro beats, RnB, soul, pop, dance, and other elements have translated into modern-time bangers. With songs like “In Da Morning”, “Odeshi”, “Kilode”, “Lowkey Man”, and other Vntge has vehemently proven that his vibes are killer vibes, or like he calls them ‘Vibes on Killi Killi”. Stay tuned for more Vntge. Love.

iHuman Studios is amped to present the first season of TNT with six episodes spotlighting the iHuman music artists: Valkyrie, Vntge, Mad John, FAVES, Jayden Paz, and Trebla

iHuman Studios is a collective of young multidisciplinary artists between the ages of 12 and 24 years who constitute the members of iHuman Youth Society. iHuman’s mission is to invite young people to transform their experiences of personal and systemic trauma through acts of expression & creativity into experiences of Purpose, Self-worth, Identity, and Belonging. 


Fear the Festival presents

PASS THE PODIUM: A BIPOC Comedy Sketch Showcase

This image is presented as a glitched skeleton against a background that reads "fear the festival presents"

curated Isabella Derilo and Eunice Gatama

Fear the Festival is back again for our second curation of IBPOC-centred stories. Pass the Podium is a gritty satirical sketch show seeking to address the vital voices of the 20s notably.

featuring Eunice Gatama, Isabella Derilo, Fatmi El Fassi El Fihri, Dayna Lea Hoffmann, and Alice Wordsworth

Girls in Film and Television logo


sean beaver

sean beaver mixing music.

Sean Beaver (stylized as sean beaver), an independent techno/electronic Indigenous artist based in Calgary, Alberta and from the Driftpile Cree Nation. Sounding of a cross between Teenage Mutants, Chemical Brothers, and Richie Hawtin. Incorporating his indigenous heritage into the music, with select Pow Wow elements. Sober since 2006. With four albums released, and another two albums set to release in 2021. Sean is nominated for the best Rap/Hip Hop/Electronica Album of the Year at the 2021 Summer Solstice Indigenous Music Awards and was nominated Best Instrumental Album at the Indigenous Music Awards in 2015, and 2017, and won in 2015.


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