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Nextfest 2021: Night Four Schedule

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June 6th: night FOUR of Nextfest


Tonight features a variety of musical talents, workshop performances, film productions, and poetry artists.

Grab a beverage, get comfy, and tune into NextfestTV. We’ll see you in the chat.

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your NIGHT four schedule 

A banner that reads "Night four" in yellow text.


hosted by Dill Prusko

Night four of Nextfest 2021 opens with a warm welcome from our host and some discussion of what to expect this evening.



A headshot of Kaiya holding a flower.

Kaiya: Music in Motion is a piece that embodies who I am as an artist. Being a songwriter, my original music is a part of me. This set is all songs I’ve written from the heart. It will include the official music video for my debut single “Speak Out” and footage from an online benefit concert Kaiya Live, all about spreading love and light during COVID. I want to introduce people to my sound, my style, and my soul.



The words invisible thread a three-part, episodic dance serties at Nextfest 2021 are featured on an overlay background. In the background there is a crowd of people with rainbow colouring over it.

produced by Caitlin Kelly, Braden Butler, Christina Nguyen, and Kaeley Jade Wiebe
choreographed by Emily Anne Corcoran, Meegan Sweet, and Braden Butler

Invisible Thread is a three-part, episodic dance series created by The Hidden Neighbourhood. Three choreographers digitally reimagine work they originally created on stage and prior to the pandemic, weaving an invisible thread through remotely filmed and separately devised choreographic impressions of our present lives.

featuring Caitlin Kelly, Kaeley Jade Wiebe, Emily Anne Corcoran, Christina Nguyen, Meegan Sweet, Holly Wandler, Beverley Rockwell, Braden Butler, and Jackson Card

Girls in Film and Television logo



created and performed by Kristie Enns, Naomi Wiebe, and Hilary James
videography and editing by Laina Brown

Created entirely in accordance with social distancing, In The After is a meditation on change, a collective examination of self, and a call to listen and to grow. It explores the hope that having endured separation and fear, we will not return to what once was, but dare to build a better tomorrow.

Excerpts from Poem Perhaps, In the After by Jessica Williams
Read by Charis Wiens


Persistent Myth Productions presents


Five figures stand under the phases of the moons in the sky.

by Hayley Moorhouse

Great Aunt Beatrice died a long time ago. It’s a sad story. But Lyra, generally speaking, isn’t content with sad stories. Each night, Lyra goes walking. Always the same path, always with the same mission she can’t quite articulate. In a moonlit alley, she encounters Beatrice. As the ghostly figure recounts the events of her tragic life, Lyra becomes determined to imagine a different story for her. Beatrice sees only futility, but Lyra sees the potential for a resolution eighty years in the making.

Audiences are invited to a Zoom room after the performance to join a talk back about the play.

featuring Sarah Emslie, Hillary Warden, and Kaeley Jade Wiebe


Love in the Digital Age presents


The word PLINKO is in the center of a black screen,

created and performed by Jonah Angeles

Plinko is an experimental spoken word poem that aims to challenge our linguistic notions of infinity, artificial intelligence, Dubstep songs, turtles, and vacuum cleaners, among other things.
It is a playfully meandering and discursive poetic exploration of where humanity is headed, the purpose of our existence, and the ultimate meaning of life.

featuring Jeffrey Paul Kelly, August Auseil, and Jonah Angeles



A person sits against a wall holding sunflowers.

After spending their younger years filling notebooks with poetry, Sare uncovered a fascination with the energy created through live music and started finding a place for their poems through writing music of their own. Under the moniker Stem Champ, Sare makes punk-influenced anti-folk music about the weirdness of growing up and learning to be ok with who you’ve been and who you are.



Three poets pose in side-by-side slides.

curated by Nisha Patel

In this three-performer show, the poets will bring forward their all-encompassing works to share what has moved them to words, inspired their emotions, and allowed them to reclaim the space they are owed for their stories and truths. Join emerging poet Danita Kirumira, multi-talented artist Lady Vanessa, and Poet Laureate Nisha Patel as they explore and journey live with the audience.

featuring Nisha Patel, Lady Vanessa Cardona, and Danita Kirumira


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