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Nextfest 2021: Night Five Schedule

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June 8th: night FIVE of Nextfest


Tonight features puppets, films, music, movement, and clowns. Join us for a night of foolish fun and fantastic artistic discovery.

Grab a beverage, get comfy, and tune into NextfestTV. We’ll see you in the chat.

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your NIGHT five schedule 

Yellow letters read "night five."


hosted by Dill Prusko

Night five of Nextfest 2021 opens with a warm welcome from our host and some discussion of what to expect this evening.



A man wearing protective gear works at a waste treatment plant.

created by Anthony Goertz

Real community in an unlikely place: Edmonton’s waste management centre.



Two puppets walk across abbey road.

by Jacquelyn Routledge and Grace Young

A tight-knit pair of sisters prepare their yearly puppet show as they make the move from homeschooling to public school. The eldest sister embraces the changes around them, but the youngest fears letting go of the past. As the worlds of fantasy, reality, school, and homelife collide-the girls find themselves in places that test their limits and the strength of their bond.

featuring James Dorward, Lyndsay Williams, Lexi Ericson, Aaron Yakimchuck, Hyerin Song, Erica Norton, Ellena Jin, Olivia Weimann, Haeyeon Cho, and Ethan Long




Two Claymation looking characters stand in a garden looking surprised.

created by Herbert Poll Gutierrez

Coco Grafitti. Grafitti because he writes and does a little bit of everything. Coco because he makes you use your coconut, your brains. Coco Graffiti is an artist who recently arrived in Canada. Today is a special day, Coco Grafitti and his friends, half-crazy puppets because they have covid 21 6G, will show why theater is and will be an instrument of social change.
featuring Dario Diblasi, Karina Cruz, and Herbert Poll Gutierrez



A bunch of court jesters are defacing a poster of the king.

by Charlotte Thompson

These four jesters are fed up with the way the king is treating them, so they’re forming a union! And they want you to join! As an audience member, your input is greatly appreciated – these clowns don’t have many ideas of their own. Expect intellectual conversation, donuts, and a little bit of interpretive dance. Just make sure that you don’t tell any of the king’s spies, or things could go south…

featuring Asha Polard, Alix Way, Kateryna Vyshkulatova, Brooke Deya, Jorja Tupper, and Olivia Cai



A mysterious digital arm reaches out of a computer to grab a woman sitting next to it.

choreographed, directed, performed, edited, and sound design by Lauren Brady
filmography and lighting design by Thomas Kassian

We live in an ever-changing world where the only way we can stay connected to our friends, family, and loved ones is through our devices. Technology is forever evolving, but will we grow with it or get consumed?

BREAKing up explores clown in relation to contemporary dance.

Featured music:
Slow Dive – Alejandro Magana
Dark Shadows – Ahjay Stelino
Fragments of Bangkok – Eugenio Mininni

Girls in Film and Television logo



A close-up of piano keys.

Tuesday, June 8
performed by Kristina Gao

A piano is one of the most beautiful instruments to display one’s talent in a musical art. Classical elements combined with a tone of modern-day rhythmic structure, and you have the piece titled ‘The Nocturne of the End,’ symbolizing a calm yet raging battle between forces left for interpretation. Welcome to the battle of the End.


re:Create Theatre presents


Hand drawn rainbow lettering spell out Click/Clack Clowns with the 'o' in clowns being a clown nose.
curated by Philip Hackborn

Clowns, still separated from their beloved audience. What does it take to reach through the network of wires, cords, and cables to make a genuine connection? The red-nosers, physical comedians, and mask characters of the world search still to break through the boundaries of telecommunications technology. This has come easier to some, but we all must keep exploring, experimenting, venturing into that great digital beyond with nothing but curiosity and surprise behind our eyes. Once more, must we interface with our modems, grasping for connection that isn’t just of the dial-up, high-speed-satellite, or new-fangled-fiber varieties.


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