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Nextfest 2021: Night Eight Guide

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June 11th: night Eight of Nextfest


Night eight kicks off with all things creative, macabre, and odd. Join us for some film. dance, art, music, drag, and more. Then let’s dance the night away with an amazing DJ set.

Grab a beverage, get comfy, and tune into NextfestTV. We’ll see you in the chat.

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Yellow letters read "night eight."


hosted by Dill Prusko

Night eight of Nextfest 2021 opens with a warm welcome from our host and some discussion of what to expect this evening.



Two people jump with their arms and legs spread wide on a bridge leading into a forest.

choreography and performed by Jerica Hoskins-Turenne and Declan Baker

“A place where laughing’s easy” is inspired by late 90’s videography. Our goal was to create a sense of authenticity in order to create a relationship with you. We invested all of our creative outlets into one piece to show, not only for you but for ourselves, that the possibilities are endless.



A collage of headshots surround a larger picture of people rehearsing vocals in a choir.

created by Marko Boychuk, Sarah Dickson, Olivia Menard, and Julia Stanski

“Tidings” is the video result of a recording project that took place in the fall of 2020. This song is an adaptation of a number from our musical-in-progress. It’s an amalgamation of Christmas carols sung by a host of characters, expressing their numerous individual experiences. While each line expresses joy, once layered over each other, they create a haunting and complex musical entity. The unique sonorities of traditionally orchestral instruments are highlighted and offer a characterization of the melodies; seven singers come together to deliver “Tidings.”


E.A.B.T presents


The image shows us taking a photo of a happy couple with a DSLR camera.
by Emily Todd

Rewinding Romance is a one-act play that shows a glimpse into the lives of Charlie and Alice. A married couple in their seventies trying to find ways to connect with their family during a global pandemic. The couple decides to film themselves telling the story of how they fell in love in order to give their children and grandchildren a way to feel close to them while isolated to their own homes. The story is told in a lighthearted and comedic way that teaches the audience that humor and romance doesn’t go away with age.

Audiences are invited to a Zoom room after the performance to join a talk back about the play.



Baby crows in a nest eat a person's head under the title of the work.

by Caleigh Crow

A bird flies into Beth’s window one afternoon. That’s a bad omen, right? Beth can’t remember either, so she plans a funeral and takes it to Google – just in case.

featuring Caleigh Crow and Sacha Crow

Girls in Film and Television logo



A yellow hand with sharp nails reaches out from a dark hole. The phrase "Next times the charm" is across the top with while lettering,

by Brooklyn Soppet

The Nothing has generously decided it is going to be a host to Indigo and Lavender, who desperately want to find a way out. But, there’s The Something that’s been trying its very hardest to keep them in. It has not a lot of success in doing so. But he’ll get them this time, for sure, no more re-dos, he’s got a fool-proof crayon box of a plan.

featuring Mars Palmer, Kira Slator, Abby Nixon, Amelie Lang, and Ceili Lesko

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Nextfest Gallery Tour

A round-up of some of the visual art pieces in Nextfest 2021 will be shown.

featuring Hanna Dotzenroth, MV, Katie Hartwig, Boyd Webber, and Tracy Bradley



D'orjay poses confidently in all black. She wears golden jewelry all over her head, neck, and hair.

Emerging country music artist D’orjay The Singing Shaman’s voice is like the crisp, comforting scent of a cool summer evening. Her songs have been in hibernation long enough and are ready to awaken with the changing season.

D’orjay The Singing Shaman was a late bloomer stepping onto the stage. Helping her clients and students heal to their most authentic selves and navigating years of her own personal limiting beliefs and experiences meant that she was 35 years old when she finally grabbed the microphone in a professional capacity. D’orjay’s most authentic self-expression and healing comes from writing songs and sharing those stories with vulnerability and emotion to the audience. Her style of country music continues to evolve, honouring the classic country music she grew up on living in Rural Alberta while also colouring outside the lines of what current mainstream country music has to offer. As a Black Queer woman, D’orjay is passionate, vocal, and committed to bringing diversity and inclusiveness to country music.

D’orjay released her debut album “New Kind of Outlaw” in November 2020.

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Party Queens presents


Gemma Nye The drag Queen poses in a pink wonderland on a promotional flyer.
curated by Gemma Nye

After a year of quarantine brought the live entertainment scene to a halt, Edmonton’s up-and-coming drag performers reflect on how the pandemic has affected them professionally and personally through personal monologues and surrealist dream sequences. Close your eyes and take a trip to the Land of Odd, as we explore the past, present, future, dreams, nightmares, growth, and setbacks through the art of drag!

featuring Emmonia, LaDonna Stone, Cedar Wildcat, Andrea Mercury, Billie Eyelash, Mars Dawn, Severina, Gabe Itch, and Gemma Nye



Jay Slay posing on a forest background.

Jay is known in the Edmonton music scene for his electro and dance tracks with local vocalists. Beatport Staff Picks, FM radio play and chartings all over North America, and a music video that’s an official selection at film festivals including Toronto and New York, speak to the level of artistry. His favourite DJ sets are energizing and feel good with some originals. You can catch him at venues like Y Afterhours or his annual Vibe Raiders Velvet & Velour Valentine’s event. Next release on June 18 will be “Love Your Guts” with Edmonton duo The Sissy Fits. Connect at jayslay.ca!


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