Curated by Good Women Dance Collective, the Nextfest Dance series features emerging artists from around #yeg and across Canada.

The Debate

A woman dances in front of a wire sculpture.

Thursday, June 3, 2021
directed and choreographed by Allison Elizabeth Burns
Director of Photography: Izabel Barsive
Camera Operator and Editor:  Allison Elizabeth Burns
Composer and Musician: Tristan Henry
Video Production Mentor: Izabel Barsive

We are growing apart, movements contrasting between us, carving out our territory. We attempt to convert one another, our differences get in the way. We are curious about the other, suspicious of the other. We mirror behaviour on opposite sides of the battle. Motifs become conversations, and conversations become motifs.

featuring Sarah Hopkin and Geoffrey Dollar
Special thanks to Adrie Sustar and Carolyn Lecorre



The Hidden Neighbourhood presents

Invisible Thread (Episodes 1, 2, and 3)

The words invisible thread a three-part, episodic dance serties at Nextfest 2021 are featured on an overlay background. In the background there is a crowd of people with rainbow colouring over it.

June 4th, 6th, and 9th
produced by Caitlin Kelly, Braden Butler, Christina Nguyen, and Kaeley Jade Wiebe
choreographed by Emily Anne Corcoran, Meegan Sweet, and Braden Butler

Invisible Thread is a three-part, episodic dance series created by The Hidden Neighbourhood. Three choreographers digitally reimagine work they originally created on stage and prior to the pandemic, weaving an invisible thread through remotely filmed and separately devised choreographic impressions of our present lives.

featuring Caitlin Kelly, Kaeley Jade Wiebe, Emily Anne Corcoran, Christina Nguyen, Meegan Sweet, Holly Wandler, Beverley Rockwell, Braden Butler, and Jackson Card

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Lights of Hope

A woman dances surrounded by fairy lights in an alley. The photo is black and white with sepia-tone lens flares.

Friday, June 4
design, choreography, and dancing: Janita Frantsi
filmed by Julia Barsukova, Janita Frantsi, and Marko Seitsonen
edited by Janita Frantsi
music by Jon Guenter

Right now, our city is a little quieter—even a little empty and lonely. But there is still light – light that pops up in the darkness, light that opens up a new day, light that can be found around us.

The Company would like to thank the Government of Alberta/Ministry of Culture, Multiculturalism, and Status of Women for the funding that made it possible for this piece to come to life. They would also like to thank their film mentor Tamarra Lessard for the invaluable encouragement and guidance during the creation process.

featuring Jon Guenter, Janita Frantsi, and Julia Barsukova


In The After

Sunday, June 6
created and performed by Kristie Enns, Naomi Wiebe, and Hilary James
videography and editing by Laina Brown

Created entirely in accordance with social distancing, In The After is a meditation on change, a collective examination of self, and a call to listen and to grow. It explores the hope that having endured separation and fear, we will not return to what once was, but dare to build a better tomorrow.

Excerpts from Poem Perhaps, In the After by Jessica Williams
Read by Charis Wiens


BREAKing up

A mysterious digital arm reaches out of a computer to grab a woman sitting next to it.

Tuesday, June 8
choreographed, directed, performed, edited, and sound design by Lauren Brady
filmography and lighting design by Thomas Kassian

We live in an ever-changing world where the only way we can stay connected to our friends, family, and loved ones is through our devices. Technology is forever evolving, but will we grow with it or get consumed?

BREAKing up explores clown in relation to contemporary dance.

Featured music:
Slow Dive – Alejandro Magana
Dark Shadows – Ahjay Stelino
Fragments of Bangkok – Eugenio Mininni

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Three people in a triangle formation kneel on concrete outside of a University campus. They are posing with their hands horizontal.

On Demand
choreographed by Deviani Andrea

The Space Between Us explores how distance, closeness, attraction, and repulsion shape the way people connect to each other. Inspired by the physical interactions of bodies in public spaces during a health crisis, this piece digs into the limits of distance within a group exploring the dichotomy of isolation-ensemble between dancers and in relation to spatiality.

performed by Janita Frantsi, Skye Demas, and Deviani Andrea



Two people wearing masks dance 6 feet apart from each other.

Wednesday, June 9
choreographed by Katie Cassady
composed by Stefan Nazarevich, with “Luft” by H.Takahashi

II focuses on a relationship between two women. This work explores the strange and incongruent ways people connect and support each other and how power dynamics exist and shift in the context of intimacy.

featuring Sarah Wong and Sophie Mueller-Langer


untitled letters to the women i hated without knowing

This shot puts us over the shoulder of a woman who is leaning back to look at the camera over her left shoulder. Her hair flows as she moves.

Thursday, June 10
directed and created by Michaella Haynes

The female dynamic is based on scarcity, a constant battle to occupy the limited space we feel is available that is fueled by fear and comparison, anonymity, and disconnection. This work is my own scarcity complex shouting out loud, a letter of acknowledgment, and a resolution for change.

featuring Michaella Haynes, Alyssa Maturino, Julianna Barwick, and Gia Margaret


And Along Came Tomorrow

A woman in a field leaps to the right of the frame with her hands on her stomach.

On Demand
choreographed and performed by Shannon Lin
filmography by Tino Dumec

An exploration of the comforts and discomforts of lonesomeness, augmenting the curiosities that emerge from this state of being. Inspired by the conflicting desires of vulnerability and resiliency, the piece navigates through the contemplation of human connection that captures the essence of a chaotic mind from every angle.


The Time is Now

A close up of a broken clock.

On Demand
choreographed by Quincy Pipella

In the ever-changing tides of the world, this piece is a reminder to embrace what you have and love every moment while you have the time.

featuring Leah Born, Meghan Moody, Anna Johnson, Stephanie Schnarr, Ana Murgu, Kevin Hoang, Dana Magus, Aly Turgeon, Julianna Bryson, Kylie Sichkaryk, Chiara Funaro, Tamar Kaye Adler, Brooke Larratt, Samantha Puth, Jasmine Camus, Trinity Beattie, Morgan Turgeon, Sydney Wright, and Sandry Obando Ruiz


A Place Where Laughing’s Easy

Two people jump with their arms and legs spread wide on a bridge leading into a forest.

Friday, June 11
choreography and performed by Jerica Hoskins-Turenne and Declan Baker

“A place where laughing’s easy” is inspired by late 90’s videography. Our goal was to create a sense of authenticity in order to create a relationship with you. We invested all of our creative outlets into one piece to show, not only for you but for ourselves, that the possibilities are endless.



A person dances alone on a bridge connected to wires.

Sunday, June 13
choreography by Rumi Jeraj
directed by Bobby Markov
composed by Gareth Hilliland
music by Holly Sangster, Zane Baker, and Kessler Douglas

This work is an exploration of process and space. Inspired by the location it’s shot in, WIRES began with a curiosity to create architecture to be danced in. From here, the work took on the narratives of the dancers to become the final product.

featuring Ethan Kim, Moira Humana-Blaise, Rumi Jeraj, and Gareth Gilliland


ex ducere

A person dances into a wooden box filled with water.

Sunday, June 13
choreographed by Jordan Samonas

ex ducere, latin for “to lead out of,” is an experimental, structured improvisation in contemporary rhythm tap dance and percussion on sand and water.
space. silence. small, simple, sounds.
tiny events, amplified.
let’s tune and turn our ears, finding and creating sounds we enjoy.
let us become hyper listeners.

featuring Carmelle Cachero and Jordan Samonas