Mar 2021

Nextfest 2021: Clown Showcase – Click/Clack Call For Submissions

Colourful clothespins and a clown nose are spread across a computer laptop keyboard with a flash drive in the USB port that reads "Clown 2021" on it.

Call For Submissions: Clown Showcase

Presented by re:Create Theatre


Philip -pH(Lin)- Hackborn of re:Create Theatre is hosting and curating the online Clown Showcase again for Nextfest 2021. And they need you!

Title of Showcase: Click/Clack, Clowns at the Keyboard – another webcam cabaret.

We are looking for interest from clown performers and acts of any type, red-nosers, physical comedians, mask characters, and more! Nextfest is a festival for emerging artists, herein defined as artists within the first 10 years of their careers, not professionally represented by ACTRA, CAEA, IATSE, or any other union/professional group. 

The main theme and aims for the cabaret are, “how does a clown feel while isolated from their beloved audience?” and “what lengths will a clown go through to find that genuine connection, even online and through modern telecommunications technology?” and “is that connection even possible?”

Artists are encouraged to ask these questions of themselves while submitting their interest to the cabaret and to use these prompts to explore or experiment with their own ideas. All submissions are welcome though, within or without these prompts and themes.

About This Showcase

All acts will be performed online or prerecorded, there will be no in-person audience, the cabaret will be presented with Nextfest on their website and twitch.tv on Friday, June 11, 2021, time TBA. 

There are showcase spots reserved for performers with racialized identities, different gender identities, and performers who are differently-abled or neurodivergent. Again, all submissions are welcome and encouraged. 

How to Apply

Please email your interest to Philip Hackborn at phackborn@gmail.com, along with any questions about the cabaret, concerns about accessibility, and any other thoughts on boundaries you feel you might face by participating in the cabaret and how these concerns may be addressed.

Submissions close April 5th, 2021



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