The Vulnerable Cult

The Vulnerable Cult is a devised theatre collective composed of eight theatre artists who create bold, multidisciplinary, and evocative work. Our original production Nightmare made its world premiere in Edmonton in May 2018 as we together assumed the roles of performers, writers, dramaturg, designers, director, stage combat & intimacy directors, dance choreographers, stage mangers, and more. We have regathered to orchestrate a new work for the Hellsmut Night Club at Nextfest and we are excited to be performing for a new audience inspired by the content, stories, and spirit of our last creation.

The Vulnerable Cult is:

Cristina Fallavollita*
Ashleigh Hicks
Kelsi Kalmer*
Bridget Lyne*
Julie Murphy*
Braden Price*
Ryan Schmitt
Eric Smith*

*will be performing in Hellsmut at Nextfest


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