After spending their high school years filling notebooks with poetry, Sare discovered a fascination with the energy created through live music and started finding a place for their poems through writing music of their own. Through a combination of punk influences, honest lyricism, and self-taught guitar chords, Sare creates a uniquely authentic anti-folk sound. Since 2018, Sare has self-recorded and digitally released a series of 5 EPs through bandcamp. Sare is acoustic by circumstance, energetic by impulse, and honestly just glad to be here.

They write and play punk-inspired antifolk songs. This year they will be performing in Emergent Emancipations (Pride Nite Club)!

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Join us in supporting Sare this evening for Emergent Emancipations (Pride Nite Club 2020) at around 9:30 pm.

More about Emergent Emancipations

Saturday, June 13, 2020
curated by Simone A. Medina Polo

Emergent Emancipations is an interdisciplinary cabaret for the 2020 Pride Nite Club. Through the variety of these performances, we are exploring the prospects of the future as they intersect with the experiences of emerging as an artist and of emerging into queerness. And in adapting to the quarantine’s state of isolation and social distancing, we are encouraging artistic explorations of how our sense of futurity has also shifted.

featuring Sare, Jay the Juggling Magician, Eggs, KSTRL, and Mustafa Rafiq


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