Bailebail is here to stay!

Bailebail, also known as Carl Bailey, got his start in the music scene while receiving his business degree at The University of New Brunswick in 2012. Since then he has launched a name for himself having held down many nightclub residencies in cities of New Brunswick has performed all over the East Coast of Canada.

Taking an early interest in the top 40 scene and becoming fluent with the dancefloor, Carl’s experience has landed him spots opening for the likes of Skratch Bastid, Grand Theft, Mobb Deep, Hopsin, and Florida Georgia Line along with annual clients while building his network! From a wild beginning of finding a sound, bailebail find himself stimulated by the presence of house music! His blends of hip-hop, funk, and r&b over house beats, has never sounded more intriguing. Recently over the past year, Carl has moved his way to the West Coast of Canada where he now resides in Calgary, working as an Assistant Director at Beat Drop, a private music school in Calgary! With Covid-19 throwing us a curve ball, looks out the bass house spaceship coming through your screen.

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