Ashley Laurenson

Arkham Rising is a fan film that was brewed between a family of friends after a 10 hour road trip, the midnight preview of Dark Knight Rises and some pancakes at Denny’s. Ashley Laurenson, also known to some as Ashcakesquiggle, is a proud resident of Fort McMurray, Alberta. Her heart is consumed by the arts and she spends every spare second on a film set or behind a microphone. Ashley was the juggler of props, people, sets, costumes and makeup for Arkham Rising and more recently Cover, the latest short from Hyperphotonic Media, which will be pre-screening Sunday night. Ashley hosts her own podcast “The Ladies Room”, in collaboration with the YMMPodcast, which she also lends her voice to. Ashley has tackled several 48 hour film challenges, countless artist endeavours, various cosplays and has created a sustainable speakers corner for the Ted X of Fort McMurray. With a whiteboard full of upcoming projects under the YMMPodcast and Hyperphotonic Media, Ashley’s friends family is a film force to be reckoned with.


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