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This page has been updated as of June 11, 2021 @ 6:00 PM

Want to join the Nextfest family and support local artists? Adopt an artist!

By adopting an artist you contribute directly to building the next generation of creators. With a $100 donation per artist we will pair you up with an artist and you become their adopted Nextfest parent.

Haven’t adopted yet? Adopt an Artist.
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Thank you to our 2021 Adopt-An-Artist donors!

Gary & Linda Poignant adopted Simone Gosselin

Brent Christopherson adopted Isabella Hudson

Brent Christopherson adopted Braden Butler

Carol & Tom Auston adopted Allison Elizabeth Burns

Kristi Hansen adopted Lebogang Disele

Dr Cathy Flood & Dr Harold Chyczij adopted Abhay

Jan Taylor adopted Liam Salmon

Lana M. Hughes adopted Caleigh Crow

Sheldon Elter adopted MAD JOHN

Anonymous adopted Jack Belhumeur

Anonymous adopted Deviani Andrea

Heather Chorley adopted Gabby Bernard

Carol Pawlenchuk adopted Hayley Moorhouse

Angie LaBerge adopted Sarah Emslie

Anonymous adopted Christina Nguyen

Cliff Hansen adopted Kristina Gao

Debbie Gunther-Hansen adopted Jayden Paz

Sonia Varela adopted Mars Palmer

Sonia Varela adopted Rochelle Laplante

Marianne & Kent Stewart adopted Michelle Jolly

Chereda Bodner & Nick Trovato adopted Anthony Goertz

Lenka Stuchlik adopted Grace Young

Lenka Stuchlik adopted Shannon Lin

Lenka Stuchlik adopted D’orjay

Lenka Stuchlik adopted TREBLA

Lenka Stuchlik adopted Mariam

Muriel & Edgar Toop adopted Stella Drinkwater

Del Dilkie adopted Janita Frantsi

Bill Schepanovich adopted Christina Hollingworth

Bill Schepanovich adopted Jay Slay

Christine & Peter Dirksen adopted Hillary Warden

Christine & Peter Dirksen adopted Brandon Baker

Christine & Peter Dirksen adopted Hilary James

Christine & Peter Dirksen adopted Emily Todd

Christine & Peter Dirksen adopted Sam Michaelchuk

Merrin Michel Nuc adopted Cassandra Paige

ASK* for a Better World adopted Jameela McNeil

Laurel Gauld adopted Kaiya

Desmond & Camilla Chow adopted Jordan Samonas

Fern Snart & Gerry Kendal adopted Rebecca Sadowski

Jacquie Skeffington adopted Harley Morison

Jacquie Skeffington adopted Candice Stollery

Paul Manuel adopted Beverley Rockwell

Paul Manuel adopted Grace Vandermeulen

Paul Manuel adopted DJ Pop A-Z

Paul Manuel adopted Ryan Andrade

Doug Ramsey adopted Julia Barsukova

Doug Ramsey adopted Ella Raven-Jackson

Doug Ramsey adopted Crystal Eyo

Doug Ramsey adopted Ambar Azcorra

In Memory of Cheryl Lieberman adopted Brooklynn Soppet

In Memory of Cheryl Lieberman adopted Rumi Jeraj

Greg Zinter adopted Priya Narine

Greg Zinter adopted Katie Cassady

Anonymous adopted Jordan Norn

Anonymous adopted Sofia Lukie

Maggie Barton Baird adopted Matthew Cardinal

Maggie Barton Baird adopted Connor Yuzwenko-Martin

Kat Veeman adopted Holly Wandler

Christine Lesiak adopted Philip (Lin) Hackborn

Shirley Tran adopted Jonah Angeles

Ellen Chorley adopted Charlotte Thompson

Ellen Chorley adopted Maria Morin

The Sabourins adopted Katie Cutting

Gina Puntil adopted Daniela Fernandez

Elizabeth Manuel adopted Kristina Gao

Janice Manuel adopted Skye Demas

Patricia Tempest adopted Marko Boychuk

Esther Ondrack adopted Tara Mitrovic

Esther Ondrack adopted Eunice Gatama

Esther Ondrack adopted Michaella Haynes

Esther Ondrack adopted LaDonna Stone

Esther Ondrack adopted DJ Gulzar

Judy Soper adopted Julie Murphy

Philip Nash adopted Danita Kirumira

Edward Johnson adopted Valkyrie

Edward Johnson adopted Jennifer Peebles

Edward Johnson adopted Rae Organ

Edward Johnson adopted Erin Harvey

Edward Johnson adopted Abby Nixon

Paige Simpson adopted Gemma Nye

Jessica Glover adopted Kiana Woo

Karen Farkas & Clyde Hurtig adopted Leila Raye-Crofton

Karen Farkas & Clyde Hurtig adoptedLiam Witte

Taylor Chadwick adopted Eggs

Liam Mackenzie adopted Hollis Hunter

Kate Ryan adopted Emma Ryan

E Ross Bradley adopted Gareth Gilliland

E Ross Bradley adopted Ethan Kim

J Mah adopted Ysannah Avient-Lario

Sandra & Tom Keating adopted Sam Jeffery

Brittany Deiter & Lonnie Pilkington adopted Reanna Pilkington

Simone A. Medina Polo adopted Ricky Holloway

Debra Lieberman adopted Hannah Dotzenroth

Lewis Cardinal adopted Rebecca Pickard

Céline Gareau-Brennan & Mark McHale adopted Sophie Gareau-Brennan

Concrete Theatre adopted Isabella Derilo

Kathy & Lorris Williams adopted Jon Guenter

Kathy & Lorris Williams adopted Sissy Thiessen Kootenayoo

Michael Kennard adopted Lauren Brady

Jill Roszell adopted Sare

Bradley Moss adopted Ellen Chorley

Bradley Moss adopted Simone A. Medina Polo

Anne Broomfield adopted Taylor Danielle

Anne Broomfield adopted Nisha Patel

Lynn Mandel adopted Kristie Enns

Beverley Williams adopted Severina

Dianne Johnstone adopted Amanda Yim

Dianne Johnstone adopted Andrea Mercury

Dianne Johnstone adopted Sarah Wong

Margaret Morley adopted Aly Turgeon

Margaret Morley adopted Leana Anderson

Gina Vavak adopted Rhiannon K. Levesque

Desmond & Camilla Chow adopted Dill Prusko

Philip (Lin) Hackborn adopted Alana Rice

Deborah McElrath adopted Julianna Bryson

Scott Peters adopted Hanna Ferguson

Scott Peters adopted Melanie Bahniuk

Heights Residential Window Cleaning & More adopted Steven Teeuwsen

Heights Residential Window Cleaning & More adopted Kim Dooshima Jev

Heights Residential Window Cleaning & More adopted Olivia Street

Aruna Srivastava adopted Hardee, a Twitch Clown

Carolyn Nielsen adopted Jesse Harlton

Neil Oliver adopted Salem Clarke

Kathy & Michael D. Harvey adopted Peter/Terry/Paige Knickle

Kathy & Michael D. Harvey adopted Gabe Itch

Kathy & Michael D. Harvey adopted Fatmi Fassi

Kathy & Michael D. Harvey adopted Alice Wordsworth

Dale Werner adopted Matthew Graham

Ash Howard & Harley Morison adopted Caitlin Kelly

The Davidsons adopted Hanna Ferguson

Louella Janzen Pick adopted Boyd Webber

Louella Janzen Pick adopted Tracy Bradley

Laurie Bahniuk adopted Melanie Bahniuk

Imran Ahmad adopted Mustafa Rafik