May 2019

About Nextfest – ASL Accessibility Guide

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Announcing Edmonton’s most unique multidisciplinary arts festival, now with bonus ASL accessibility: NextFest 2019!

Transcript & Visual Description below.

A graphic of a person frozen in motion, one leg suspended and one arm reaching up. Their body is filled with green leaf pattern. Yellow background with “NextFest” across in a paint-like font.

Fade to white stucco background. Connor stands facing the camera. He wears a dark purple long sleeve shirt and glasses. He signs in ASL.

The NextFest Arts Company is made up of hundreds of young and upcoming artists from various disciplines.
Now they are coming together to present Edmonton’s most unique multidisciplinary arts festival for the community!
This was founded in 1996, and since then, has been a common ground for creators to envision the future – -a future that belongs to them!
Now NextFest 2019 will occupy a few spaces in Old Strathcona.
If you want to attend, there are many shows that are ASL-English accessible.
If you use hearing aids, there is one location in the Arts Barn, specifically the Backstage Theatre, that has a hearing loop for you to connect your device.
If you need interpreted performances, you can check the schedule, where you will see this “interpreted” symbol.

Fade to similar graphic as before, but with blue background. The person stands behind a two-level electronic piano. Their body is filled with yellow leaf pattern.
Text: “nextfest.ca/schedule-and-map/”;
Fade back to Connor.

NextFest shepherds these performances in order to support developing artists, and that includes Deaf folk and any others who use ASL.
It doesn’t matter if you have no experience – if you have one idea that you’re not sure what to do with, NextFest will provide mentorship, support, and guidance to help grow that idea!
If you want to just enjoy the show, great! Hope to see you there.
If you want to buy tickets, we have a website for that too:

Fade to similar graphic, this time with red background, blue leaf pattern, and a microphone on a stand in front of the person.
Text: “nextfest.ca/get-tickets/”;
Fade back to Connor.

Finally, if you want to know more about upcoming ASL-accessible shows, theatre, and community events in Edmonton, please follow the Vimeo link at the end of this video. Thank you, and enjoy!

Fade to final graphic: red background, yellow leaf pattern, and person is holding a camera pointed to the right.


Text: “Produced in partnership with: NextFest, NICA Consolidated. vimeo.com/yuzmarconnor”

A special thank you to Connor Yuzwenko-Martin for this vlog!

For more Accessibility information please click here 


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